Hansen Chrysler Center of Grand Forks, ND Complaint - Dodge Durango break down

Review by Anonymous on 2003-12-10
GRAND FORKS, NORTH DAKOTA -- I have a 2001 Dodge Durango, which I bought brand new from Hansen Chrysler Center of Grand Forks, ND. I spent 38,900 dollars on this piece of junk. I have had nothing but trouble with it. When I first bought it, the floor heat did not work. There was no fix for this. I was told Chrysler would have to invent a part. I waited for 2 years with my feet freezing and finally the winter of 2002 they fixed the floor heat. In the process of fixing the floor heat, the computer that ran the car was broken. It took 3 days to fix this and get the car back to me. In the meantime I am in a rental car that is rear wheel drive and sliding all over the road in a blizzard. Then at 50,000 miles the governor solenoid went out in the car and it had to be replaced. Then at 71,000 miles I took it in to have the oil changed and I was told the transmission fluid was burned and I could not go on the interstate with it until I had it flushed. I was also told the throttle positioning sensor was bad and it needed to be replaced. I had to pay 180 dollars to get the fluid flushed and the repairs made (I had a 50 dollar deductible). My warranty was soon to be up. The extended warranty runs until 75,000 miles. So I had all this stuff fixed and my transmission was never checked out although all these things seem to work in conjunction with the transmission. That was in August that the fluid was flushed. Then in November the engine light came on (and of course it was out of warranty because I had driven half way across the country in August with it). I took the car in to see what was wrong. The service guy at Hansen Chrysler of Grand Forks, ND tells me that the code reader did not put out a code and that he turned the engine light off and reset it and that I would be ok to go home now. Less than a week later the engine light is back on and I take it back to Hansen Chrysler and they tell me that a rivet came out of the reverse power band and took out the torque converter in the transmission. They told me it would be over 2,000 dollars to fix it and they would not cover it under warranty because I was over the warranty on my mileage. I did meet with the service manager and the owner and the customer relations person and the most they could do for me was take 480 dollars off the bill. It took less than 2 hours to take the transmission out and take it apart and they want almost 1500 just for labor. My other option according to Jim Hansen was to take my car and transmission which is in pieces somewhere else to have it fixed and not pay a penny to him. So that is what I am doing taking it somewhere else. I am taking it somewhere that specializes in transmissions. Now I am out over 1500 dollars to have this fixed and it could have been prevented. The service people at Hansen Chrysler said they would never check out the transmission because there might not be anything wrong with it and then the customer would pay 300 dollars to have it looked at for nothing because warranty wouldnt pay if there was nothing wrong. I think my car showed all the signs of transmission damage. The governor solenoid had to be replaced, the throttle positioning sensor, and then the transmission fluid was burned. And if this transmission would have been torn down in August, I think there would have been damage and the warranty would have paid to fix it. I will never buy another car from this dealership. I was promised 5 star service from this dealership when I bought the car, but I have never received 5 star service. I have learned from this that I should ask several people how they have been treated at a dealership before I buy another car. I have never been treated like this anywhere. This place should not even have 1 star.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-11:
i got me a dodge back when my wife was pregnant and it has been the greatest thing . we hop in the back have great sex. sometimes in the walmart parking lot.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-18:
Mr. "Dodge Rules" may love his Dodge because he can have great sex in the back seat, but that doesn't really mean it is a reliable truck. I would trade in your Durango for a Toyota 4-Runner. My parents have Toyota Tacomas and I have a Toyota Corolla and they are awesome vehicles.
Posted by DakotaDocMartin on 2006-08-07:
That sort of treatment is common at Hansen Chrysler here in Grand Forks. Most of the problems stem from having two gals as service writers who hardly know a spark plug from a drain plug. I purchased a brand new $40,000 fully loaded 2005 Chrysler Town & Country Limited from them and really wish I hadn't. I should have gone back to Corwin Chrysler Dodge in Fargo where they really know how to treat a good customer. I wouldn't recommend to even get an oil change at Hansen's. They are perhaps the worst dealer with the worst service department on the face of the planet.

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