Computer Re-Store Complaint - Hostile Ownership And Incompetent Employees.. All Refund Requests Must Be Presented By A Lawyer. Please Beware!

Review by MtnMna on 2008-08-27
LITTLETON, COLORADO -- When I purchased my PC I was assured by the owner that my satisfaction would be guaranteed. After about 1 week, my new PC would no longer boot and only displayed a blinking cursor. I brought is back to Computer Re-Store.

After more than 1 week, I was told they had no idea what was wrong and they would rebuild me a new PC, which would take another week. So, 2 weeks later, I received another PC. I took it home and began having problems again.

I returned the machine again. The tech called me and told me nothing is wrong. However, I knew that the disk errors had been logged, and so I asked the tech to explain that. She said she never looked at the log, but simply ran test software. After the head tech reviewed the log, he agreed the errors were drive-related. The head tech then informed me that nothing was wrong and the machine may have "burped." That was his exact wording.

I was told that the only person who can work on the machine is on vacation, and that I would have to wait until he is back in town. After few days I called and was told by the tech again that nothing was wrong. At this point, the tech was very curt and rude with me, and said if I continued to come in with the machine he may have to charge me for my time. This is despite the fact that the machine is under warranty.

Upon walking into the store to pick the machine, I heard the tech talking badly about me to the owner. His exact words were that I was "full of #$!@" and that there was "nothing wrong with the machine." They proceeded to ignore me for a few minutes while still talking rudely about my problem. I explain that I could not use the machine if the drive kept failing. The tech then proceeded to accuse me of "wasting his time," and said that I didn't know what I was talking about. The tech and owner explained that I was "guilty until innocent" and I was asked to come back tomorrow. The next day I return and I am instantly met with hostility from one of the techs, who explained that the owner had left for the day, despite my having pre-arranged to meet him that evening. I am told they can do nothing for me, and the tech was very rude and dismissive. Ultimately, I was told no one would help me, and that I should come back in the morning. I said I had work obligations, and they were behaving in an incompetent manner. She told me to "deal with it"

I returned the next morning; the owner ignored me to deal with a customer who came into the store after me. After about 10 minutes, he finally asked me what I wanted. I told him I was unhappy with the computer, and the way I had been treated. I explained that, at that stage, I simply wanted my money refunded. He said that "that wasn't possible" as I had "had the machine for a month." I explained to him that the only reason I had even had that machine that long was because of repeated returns and repairs. His response was a blunt "so?" He then informed me I would need to take him to court if I wanted any refund.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-08-27:
Hmm, I say have a third party repair tech look at the machine. You may be able to file a small claims case to get a refund for any repairs done, as long as you are able to prove the machine was defective and it was not due to something you may have loaded....
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-08-27:
So, do just that. File a small claims court case. Make sure that you send the store a letter requesting a refund and send it receipt requested. Once they get a summons, they almost always settle right up.
In many states you can file an action in SC court that awards tou triple damages if you can show illegal or deceptive business practices. This is a big incentive to the store to settle up with you.

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