Lube Lab - Quincy, MA Complaint - Extremely Rude And Unpleasant Manager!

Review by bluey on 2008-08-27
QUINCY, MASSACHUSETTS -- When I arrived at Lube Lab in Quincy, MA for a simple drive through oil change there was a car being serviced in each of the two bays and a car waiting behind each of those cars. I pulled up behind the car waiting to the right but gave myself enough room to move to the other side should the left bay line move more quickly. I had been waiting for 10 minutes when a pickup truck arrived in line behind me.

Another five minutes passed and I saw the manager come out and tell one of the employees to ask the pickup to move into the left line. Within minutes the car in the left bay was completed and the pickup moved into the spot behind the left bay. I was a little perturbed but I thought the car in the right bay would be finished soon so I held my peace. 10 minutes later the car in the left bay was completed and pulled out and the pickup pulled in while I was left waiting two cars behind the right service bay.

Finally the original car in the right bay pulled out and the car directly in front of me pulled in. 10 minutes later the pickup in the left bay that had arrived ten minutes behind me was completed and pulled out while I was still waiting behind the car in the right service bay (35 minutes at this point). At this point I was irate but maintained my cool, got out of my car, and went to inform the employee who had directed the pickup to the left bay of what had happened. She referred me to the manager who, with a petulant look on his face, said "what's the problem?" I told him what had happened and, instead of apologizing, with an extremely rude manner he said "too bad, it's ten minutes once you get into the bay I got nothing to do with what happens in the line." I reminded him that he had directed the pickup to the left bay so he did, indeed, have something to do with the line going into his business and that he should make certain that whomever arrives first is served first.

His reply, "too bad I can't help you." I said "so you aren't going to do anything for me?" He replied "no." Had he been apologetic or even somewhat polite I would have maintained my cool but the almost unbelievable nastiness of his tone caused me to loose my temper and give him the old "well then F***" you. He gave it back to me and more foul words were exchanged, and I left without having my oil changed. I regret the exchange and should have kept my cool but his brazenly unpleasant attitude towards me from the start elevated my anger. This does seem like a luck of the draw bank or super market type "whoops, I guess I got in the wrong line" incident but the time it took was close to 45 minutes all told and the outcome was poorly dictated and unresolved by the manager. The individual in the pickup should have, out of decency, allowed me to go ahead of him in the line but that did not occur.

Had the manager (owner?) at least taken a reasonably pleasant tone with me I would have gone ahead with the oil change and walked away annoyed. Better yet he could have offered me a coupon or a small discount. I urge you all to take your business elsewhere as, should even a minor disagreement arise with the manager of the Quincy (Point, by the Fore River Shipyard) Lube Lab you will leave unsatisfied and have your day ruined in the bargain. What a jerk!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-08-27:
This is why I go to the dealer. I drop off my car, they give me a ride to work and then pick me up when my car is done. Sorry you had such a rotten time at this establishment, but next time really try to keep your cool. I'm sure it wasn't your intent, but dropping down to his level and dropping the "F" bomb really isn't a good thing.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-08-27:
You've got to sit in your car and jockey for position to get an oil change at this place? Screw that!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-08-27:
I use the Jiffy Lube on rte 139 in Randolph, for the simple reason that the manager there always comes out, smiles and welcomes me, and directs the cars to the correct bay in the correct order. That place in Quincy Point is a dump anyway.(although Mandarin Gardens across the street has rockin' chinese!)
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-08-27:
I go to the VW dealership and just drop my car off, they give me a ride if I need one and then bring my car to me when they're done.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-08-27:
I don't understand something in this post. You mention that the service is only supposed to take 10 minutes for each car. If I read your review right, there was a car on the rack already and then a car waiting in front of you. This should have taken at the most, 20 minutes. You then state that you waited over 45 minutes. I wouldn't have waited that long to complain.

Next time, don't wait so long for service. Apparently, something wasn't going right if they were directing cars that were behind you to get service before you. That's when you should have either A) gotten out and informed the manager instead of waiting longer, or B)left the establishment.

I'm sorry to hear that the manager was so rude, but like JohnInSoCal said, don't stoop to his level.

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