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Review by grandma is mad on 2008-08-30
Later today we are supposed to pick up our new born granddaughter at the hospital. Earlier this morning we were trying to install a infant car seat using the infant car seat installation instructions from the manufacturer as well as the car manual. Try as we did, we were not able to find any of the latches that are supposed to be installed in the car for an infant car seat. Finally we decided to call the Hyundai dealership to see if we could at some point run up there and have a technician point out where the latches were. We were not asking them to install the car seat or anything more then point where these latches were. Apparently the 3 technicians on duty at the dealership are "too busy" to do this.

I was certainly not asking them to drop what they are doing - We were willing to come in when it was best for them and I repeated that we only needed someone to point out where the latches were. Nope, too busy.

Will I ever give them another cent either in a new car sales or service? HA!
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Posted by V on 2008-08-30:
Stop by any fire station and they will show you how to install the car seat.
Posted by S on 2008-08-30:
I just learned the fire station thing a few weeks ago! Never knew you could do that... Pretty nice of them.
Posted by grandma is mad on 2008-08-30:
thank you so much for wonderful idea of seeking out the fire stations help. We did bring the car seat up there but apparently they couldn't help because of liability issues. Instead, we were able to go the the State Police and have them help us. Long story short, we ended up being about an hour late for picking our daughter and granddaughter up from the hospital all because a "service" technician couldn't spend 1 minute showing us where the latches were on their vehicle. For shame, Ideal!
Posted by Nohandle on 2008-08-30:
Sparticus, I too just learned a month or so ago one could take his car and car seat to the nearest fire station and they would properly install the seat. It would never have occurred to me to do that. Also, in this area, the firemen will come to your home and replace the batteries in your smoke detectors and for that matter, provide a smoke detector if you don't have and can't afford one. Learn something new everyday, don't we? Grandma, I would never have thought of the State Police. Again, learning every day.

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