Clarion Hotel - Antietam Creek Hagerstown, MD Complaint - The Worst Stay... Ever...

Review by CorinluvsManders on 2008-09-02
HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND -- In June of 2008 my partner and I had decided to leave the house we were renting and move into a hotel room- long term. We did not want to sign any more leases and were tired of things not being fixed...I guess we also picked the wrong hotel, the Clarion at Antietam Creek in Hagerstown, MD. We paid for a full months stay up front. They were doing construction on the hotel but the Assistant manager PROMISED us that it would not hinder our stay they were working on the other side and then we would move to the new side and they would do the opposite...We saw our room, not great and we voiced our concerns and she said well you will be here three weeks tops-then you will get a brand new room with flat screen TV, DVD player, new bed, and a new air conditioner sounds great...

This room had metal poking out of the bed, the water faucet in the bathroom sprayed all over when it was turned on, there was mold and mildew, the air co. did not work (you could see outside around it...And the TV (from the 1960's prob.) had no closed caption and my partner is deaf in one ear. We took this to the asst. manager...she did nothing after she said sh would. We spoke to the female manager and she said that we would have a new room in 2 weeks anyway...but she would make some adjustments in the meantime...she would bring us over a new TV since they had them anyway.

Three days later my partner called me at work to come home and take her to the hospital she felt dizzy and really it was from paint fumes. There was banging at all hours day and much for them working on the other side...We thought we need to just get thought this week, and we will have a new room. The asst manager came to us (with no prompting from us) and said your new room will be ready in one week..we were so happy. Maybe we could finally get some sleep. And be cool..(we had to go and buy a high powered fan because the air co. did not work. The asst manager said that they already blocked out our room so it could not be given to anyone...

Needless to say that week came and went, no room. We talked to the female owner and she said you are not getting a new room for three months, they have already been rented out.. WHAT? This room we have now is not fit for a family pet...We asked her why she lied and she just had an attitude... we had no idea where this is coming from. Let me say we are not loud we do not complaints on their end to us. We even filled out a yellow repair one ever came. I was mad they would not fix anything and they did not give us our promised room. We wanted to leave. By the way they have in writing a 100 percent satisfaction promise or your room is free...they do not uphold it, although they are suppose to have to. When we went to leave we took the pillow cases off and the pillows were all stained it is disgusting. We have pictures of everything we complained about. They are liars and their place is disgusting and expensive. I am now dealing with Choice Hotels to resolve the matter and they are wonderful. There is so much more to the story but I cannot put it all here. I advise for anyone thinking about getting a room there to go somewhere else. We were a steady income for at least 6 months and they blew it. I cant imagine how they treat one nighters.

Oh and I forgot to mention the fruit flies in all of their breakfast is nasty and yes I realized this after I ate some of the stuff. I urge you to go somewhere else. We are staying at a Carlsen hotel now and it is a world of difference it is great here. I will not say where because I don't trust the Clarion. My tags happened to be stolen there too. If anyone wants to see the pics just email me... I warn you it is nasty!!!! I did give them a letter with pics in it and a copy of the 100 percent thing...they were suppose to have responded but so far nothing.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-02:
You decided to live at a hotel permanently? I looked up the Clarion in Hagerstown and it looks like the daily rate for a month long stay is $99.95/day before tax. So, you were willing to spend over 3K a month to live there to avoid signing a lease? Why not just buy a house?
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-02:
Wow, I would think it would be a lot more expensive to stay in a hotel then rent an apartment or house, even month to month.

Didn't you also have to pay for storage for all your furniture,etc?

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