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Review by terrible customer service on 2008-09-04
JFK AIRPORT, NEW YORK -- I have been renting with this company for the last six months probably invested about 7,000.00 of my own money and have been trying to obtain my Emerald Club membership for the last 3 and a half months. I initially spoke to customer service, they gave me the run around, so I took it a step further and went directly to the corporate office. They told me the exact same information regarding having a credit card that will be kept on file for rentals that I rent in addition to my membership.

I had been already renting for about 2 months with my debit card which I should not have been renting with to begin with....so I was told. In addition to renting I was paying 9.00 a day insurance which comes up to about 270.00 outside of airport taxes, taxes and fees you do the math. Being a Gold member at Hertz, I was at least able to benefits from the monies I was spending by obtaining points which went towards free rentals and I was also able to benefit from the emails they sent to me for discounts, free gas, weekend rentals, etc. So basically all around I was benefiting from in some way from being a loyal customer. With Vanguard it was not so, the emails that they sent could not benefit me in anyway.

They were saving for people who lived in various states such as Hawaii, Florida, Nevada, etc. codes that never worked when I went to the counter. So all around it was just false advertisement and deception. The next day I received an email saying they waived my emerald membership fee, which was quite irrelevant once again. I didn't ask for my membership dues to be waived.....I was willing to pay the 60.00, I still did not have a major credit card so what was the purpose of waiving the fee. I spoke with the location manager, [snip]. [snip] took my name and number, said he would speak personally to the individual that handles the membership and get back to me. Two months have passed and he has not contacted me. I have been renting for the last 5 months from JFK airport. There is no excuse because I remind the staff every time they call me to debit a payment to remind [snip] to call me regarding my membership. Vanguard, National, Enterprise is nothing but a smoke screen.

Their customer service is horrendous, not terrible, horrendous. I have never had customer service representative literally disconnect the phone call, tell bold face lies, have attitudes that are unprofessional and unacceptable, just a down right shame. about 600.00 to 700.00 worth of Tickets that I had no idea about, also that I could have disputed have been charged to my debit card without my permission. These companies put their credibility in the hands of ignorance and for that they will suffer by loss of customers and lawsuits. I have taken this matter quite serious being that I have had a 5 month relationship that turned sour due to this unprofessional behavior. I have never spent this amount of money with anyone to be told in return that they me a favor. DO NOT waste you time with Patronizing this Company, your experience will not be a good one. My initial intention was to continue my long term renting until summer of 2009, but had to bring it to an abrupt end.

Maybe this company has good standards, I will never know, not really interested in finding out. The behavior thus far has said a lot about what they truly care about and that is how much money they can get from you. Not that you are a loyal customer or that they appreciate your business. I consider them to be corporate gangsters that behave polite as a ways to [make me] passive but could care less. I wish I had recorded most of my telephone conversations they were truly unbelievable.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-04:
So I take it the customer service is the issue here? You jumped around a lot but in reading your entire review it seems your main complaint is with the customer service? Why not just use a credit card? You even said using a debit card was a bad idea.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2008-09-04:
And WHO are you complaining about? You mention Vanguard, Alamo, Enterprise and National. Those are 4 separate companies. It's hard to tell who did or didn't do what.

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