Worr Game Products Informative - Triology And Black Magic Autococker Markers

Review by Korthtron on 2008-09-08
PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- When I got into paint ball 4 years ago I bought my first gun using matured saving bonds from a bass tournament I had won. I was very excited to get it home and play a round. I purchased Worr Games "Autococker" Trilogy. (autococker relates to it's bolt system using Pneumatics it cocks the marker).

Well to say the least these guns require some mechanical know how to set things up. My velocity was around 100 fps and I got pwned by a tippman 98 custom. My family honor was destroyed to say the least. After grabbing allan wrenches and recovering from my defeat. I set my velocity to 260 fps which is decent for woods ball. After this point I started dominating the Warren, Pa scene. Consisting of perhaps about 25 dedicated players. Anyways with my trilogy some things id like to note it survived 4 years of woods ball with out any babying. Im talking 35 degree F winter play. This gun is accurate beyond my belief.

The only questionable flaw in its accuracy is when shooting CO2 gases (which I'm not willing to scorn having done it for 2 years) call my crazy but switching to air increased accuracy, and the regulator purr's like a kitten when you run it very consist ant velocity's. While shooting CO2 I used a chronograph to check my velocity I saw a difference of 50 fps at one point which can be a lot at times and cause balls to curve in the auto cocker. My last piece of advice for cocker owners don't be afraid to lube it to no end esp. play in moist environments. I took a lot of crap from the tournament players about "over lubing" my marker but I still have a flawless marker 4 years later. This gun is great for woods ball tournament play with the right trigger and conserves balls by compensating with almost unmatched accuracy at the time. Now the black magic is an open bolt marker which speaks for itself.

Please the information I have collected on this gun is purely deductive from target shooting. Which is very embarrassing for a go out and play person such as myself, but I have recently moved to the Pittsburgh, Pa area and games are not exactly a dime a dozen in cost or in amount. anyways upon receiving my Black Magic I went out bought an air tank after total fail with co2 don't even attempt this with "high end" markers please please do not. Use air, after investing in an air tank total failure. There was problems with the velocity in the forward reg. being a 4 year auto cocker user this was rather embarrassing not to be able to fix, but I didn't want to mess up a $500 gun. I sent it in for my limited warranty after 4 days.

They were very great about it rep's were friendly and easily understood. Only complaints about return process paying for shipping, and they kind of had mom and pop business hours to be honest think lines closed at 5 pm. Having said that I <3 this line for one godly reason YOU GET TO SPEAK TO SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WHAT THERE TALKING ABOUT! Person I spoke to was clearly well educated had a lot of experience with my exact gun and new its components well. I would almost change this to compliment for that very reason. After this minor speed bump I received it back in a timely manor threw on the air and got a bag of balls and finally shot an automatic paint ball marker. It does 25+ bps which I think rivals on the E-blade and Karnivore. Its pretty close overall.

I hope I don't get attacked for that statement but I'm pretty sure if you hit a sweet spot between chopping and and speed you might get some neat results anyways it is rather fun to have 200 balls gone in about 6 sec. Having said that I don't have a sponsor or a millionaire anonymously backing me. BUT there are options ^^ the circuit I'm guessing some kind of simple multi-vibrator circuit with another digital control chip, and a servo motor. Looked fairly simple and very good surface mount components. The best part though using a jumper wire you can switch between 3 different settings Full-auto, 3 shot burst (for the economical paintballer, and Ramping. Ramping is fairly new to me and maybe to you as well but the way I understand it it is a essentially a form of a burst shot were you you walk the trigger and I think it responds with another shot essentially a semi-auto that compensates for you to full auto. Also I wouldn't rule out using this form out because its foreign, I had my ass kicked by this applied to an A-5 tippmam.

It was a rather skilled player but still he had a good day when he introduced ramping. Which I'm sure is only improved by the Worr Game family. My overall thoughts on the Black Magic are decent gun reliable when configured and timed properly and FAST. Also as a woods ball veteran Ive gotta say with little knowledge yet this guns compactness and WGP strong build this gun may have a place in woods ball I will be sure to update you guys on the 23 of sept.
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Posted by Slimjim on 2008-09-08:
I'm sure to enthusiasts, this is a great informative. I've done paint ball a few times only so most of this goes over my head as I spent most of the reading deciding whether to make innuendo jokes or not. Your last "piece of advice" was very tough to leave alone though. Good review.

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