Scottsdale Heath Care Shea Complaint - Stupid Mistakes That Effected My Health And Mental State Of Mind

Review by MARLEAH on 2008-09-10
SCOTTDALE, ARIZONA -- On a 4 day stay at the hospital to have a stent put in the following three blunders took place.

1. After filling out the patient history form and stressing that I was allergic to Morphine and also verbally communicating this fact to the nurse they still gave it to me without telling me before hand.It was a very painful experience.

2.Then I was told I had a tumor on my kidney,only to find out two hours later that they made a mistake and I was o.k.

3.If that wasn't enough for one 4 day stay,I came home with a staph infection and had to go back to the emergency room only to find that the same nurse that gave me the morphine was there and giving me an attitude because she was disciplined.
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Posted by Principissa on 2008-09-10:
Have you spoken to a patient representative about this? Knowing you have an allergy and giving you the medication is a serious problem. When I was in nursing they specifically made a point to tell us to check and double check before administering any medications, even tylenol. Always ask about drug allergies and to check the medication two times before actually giving it to the patient. There is no excuse for giving you that morphine. And I am glad that they took it seriously and disciplined her. I would seriously talk to a patient representative and possibly the nurse manager if you can and relay this information to them. This sounds like a recipe for disaster if it's not taken care of right away.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-10:
Sorry to hear about your terrible experience. When I admitted patients, I always told them not to be shy about asking what meds were about to be administered or have a friend or relative ask if they were unable. "It's for pain" was not an acceptable answer...demand the NAME of the drug.
But, I differ in my take about the tumor. Would you have felt somehow 'better' if the diagnosis was correct? I would be grateful for the reprieve. The BEST place to get an infection is in the hospital. A sad fact of life.
Posted by madconsumer on 2008-09-10:
did you contact the local medical ethics board to file a complaint?
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-10:
I am pretty tolerant of mistakes in general, but the hospital is just not a place where mistakes can happen..ever..yet they do. An ER nurse accidentally administered pain meds to my dad once with a dirty needle, from a patient that we later found out was Hep C positive! Turns out the nurse was new, her first day in the ER and she was 'nervous.' What was the first thing the hospital did? They wanted my mother to sign a form, acknowledging the 'mistake' and basically freeing them from any further responsibility. Thank God she was smart enough not to sign anything.

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