Hotel Avidon Airport, Dusseldorf Complaint - Hotel Commits Slander to Justify Fraud Against Unsuspecting Clientèle

Review by HellHathNoFury on 2008-09-14
DUSSELDORF -- One day after checkout my husband discovered that the Hotel Avidon Airport, Dusseldorf, had withdrawn 130 Euros from his Visa account. He called to demand an explanation for this unauthorized charge and was told: "He had 'oversoiled' the room toilet as well as the public restroom located near the lobby."

As neither allegation was true, we were shocked that a hotel with a 4 star rating would try such a scam. As we booked through Booking.com, we informed them; they found this as insulting and perplexing as we did and offered their full support. During a phone conversation with a manager of the hotel on Thursday 9/11, my husband was informed that he'd "oversoiled" the public lavatory on Tuesday 9/9. However, the hotel informed us, in writing that this alleged "public oversoiling" (for which they admit there is no real proof), now took place on Sunday, 9/7 and claim that both bathrooms were so "oversoiled" that both the room we occupied and the public lavatory were "out of use" for the entire day, hence the outrageous charge (which was 50 Euros less than a two day stay plus breakfasts).

The hotel's letter included a lurid description of feces covering the floor, the public toilet stall door and walls and a pair of men's underwear left in the sink and alleged that our room bathroom was left in the same exact condition. We are a professional couple in our late 50's, both of us have traveled extensively for business and leisure and have stayed in 4 and 5 star hotels many times without complaint or incident. We're a little too old and too busy working to get involved in these over the edge Andy Warhol kind of pranks -- too much energy and no cash return.

Frankly, this hotel appeared sort of low on patrons: at 16Euros extra for "buffet breakfast" we were the only two people clanking around in a big empty room and their bar conspicuously devoid of outside patrons...surprising for place wishing to appeal to those appreciative of interior architecture and trendy design. Our room was not cleaned on the 8th because we slept late and left the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door until 1PM; although the cleaning staff was in the corridor when we left and flipped the sign to read "Please Make Up the Room Now" nobody bothered to read it. We needed to phone reception that evening to request another roll of toilet paper -- we surmise this (a clear indication of violent, uncontrollable and inexplicable diarrhea accompanied by sudden onset of bad behavior), along with our decision to leave no tip for the non-existent cleaning staff, and the hotel's collusion with the cleaning staff to make up for the lack of patrons during a slow spell, targeted us to be scammed.

We are still amazed at the nerve, that any hotel could concoct such an outrageous and insulting story.

Having been, in one of my former careers, a hotel cleaning lady myself, I am well aware of how hotels work. If there were any suspicion that my husband had done any such egregious act as they described in the public lavatory, prior to checking in on 9/7, had a manager observed such a scene he or she would demand immediately that such a guest leave the hotel at once, or, if not, then reap the consequences of their own greed and deal with whatever further mess would ensue from allowing somebody that crazy and thoughtless to remain as a guest at your hotel.

Being now, a psychologist in my current career, and noticing that it took the hotel from Thursday until Sunday to come up with a letter which bears no hardcore proof (no time stamped photos or videos to substantiate their wild allegations), it is quite obvious the point of their exercise is to justify their fraud and cover their, uh...toilets, as it is a criminal offense to scam money out of a person's account without prior authorization.

Hopefully others will be aware to watch out for this and photograph their rooms and videotape themselves as "they go" should they wish to stay at this hotel, which I would heartily recommend they do not.
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Posted by Mark123 on 2008-09-20:
As the husband of the writer and the direct target of, first, unauthorized removal of funds from my account for no reason whatsoever (which constitutes fraud), now extortion because my freedom of speech is being threatened when all I have done is tell the truth, and lastly -- well... you be the judge...... Further news: after one week without one shred of evidence or hardcore documentation presented that shows proof that the public lavatory was so horrendously "oversoiled" that it was "unusable" for 24 hours" or that the lavatory (and now the entire room itself) was so "oversoiled" by "toilet matter" that it was in need of "disinfection" and was "unable to be rented for 24 hours", and absolutely no proof that connects me to either alleged "oversoiling" the one person who has been in contact with me from the Hotel Avidon Airport has now threatened that "...I have forwarded your 'case' to our 'justice department.' You have until noon on September 17 to remove everything you have written over the internet about the Hotel Avidon or we will take you to court for 'public denouncement' for the sum of 5000 Euros."
One would wonder how the legal department of a chain of 4 star hotels arrived at this sum? One would wonder even more, maybe even react with astonishment at such a threat...would any credible lawyer of the legal department of a chain of 4 star hotels ever engage in such a frivolous lawsuit? One might also react with astonishment as to why somebody else in a higher position in the hotel's management has not taken the time to investigate this situation on a deeper level.

However, this would require knowing more intricate details.

If I were them, I'd be perplexed as to what the possible motivation behind all of this could be also.

When people go to extremes there are two motivators: love and money. In this case, one can rule out love immediately.

Hopefully, somebody else in management is wondering about this also and will contact me.

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