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Review by portsmouthNHCustomer on 2008-09-16
PORTSMOUTH, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- B&C FlooringMy $3000 floor was supposed to enhance the value of my home. Now it's a liability thanks to the incompetence of [snip] at B & C Floor Store.

The installer showed up on time and the installation appeared to successful. The installer helped me move my furniture back into the living room and instructed me to walk all over the floor to get the creakiness out.

Within 2 days, the entire floor began to separate. Some of the spaces between edges measures more than 1/2 centimeter. I photographed the floor and sent to B & C. Co-owner Brett thought it might be a milling problem and had the representative visit my house.

B & C then wrote me "The manufacturer’s representative stated it was not defective nor was it an installation issue. It is their opinion and ours that something happened after installation that caused the floor to skew. "

I had another flooring expert examine the floor and he said it was obvious that the installer did not properly prepare the subfloor so the pressure of my feet walking on it strained the seems and caused the separation.

The response I got back from B & C was "...do not feel that it was anything
we did or didn’t do that caused this problem. If we did, we would take
care of it immediately. [snip] is an excellent, reputable
installer. If he felt there was something that he didn’t do or
something that would have cause it on his end he would take care of it.
As we stated earlier, we can repair the floor for you but it would need
to be at your expense. It you would like, we can quote you what that
would be. "

Well, the problem was obvious but they did nothing to address.
They stated that they do not know what caused the problem.
Then, they had the nerve to tell me that they would fix the problem (that they don't understand) at my expense.

I am still contemplating lawsuit but do not have the time to take off of work to deal with them.

In addition, [snip] does not have any understanding of the technical aspects of flooring and can not effectively advise you on a purchase. The contacts at B & C Floor Store contacts are [snip].
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Posted by S on 2008-09-16:
I actually think your floors look pretty good! We have hardwood floors (2 years old) and ours have slight separation gaps like yours... I think it is pretty normal...

Just my opinion!
Posted by portsmouthNHCustomer on 2008-09-16:
I have 7 photos and only one was posted. At this time, many of the gaps between boards are over 1/2 centimeter. In the colder weather I can expect it to be worse. I had company last week and some of the people's first reaction to the floor was "who did this horrible job?".

Also keep in mind this is a floating engineered floor. These separations are not as typical as they are with hardwood floors.
Posted by S on 2008-09-16:
Half a centimeter is quite large. What is a floating engineering floor? Does that mean it is not real hardwood?
Posted by Nohandle on 2008-09-16:
Sparticus, I believe it might be a hardwood laminate which, not as expensive as solid hardwood, is not inexpensive. If that is the case the subfloors do in fact have to be prepared beforehand. If a laminate, the planks have grooves that fit perfectly together and there should be no space between the planks. Normally with a laminate the floating floor expression is used. If it is solid hardwood I would expect some separation with time but not with a brand new floor.
Posted by S on 2008-09-17:
Thanks Nohandle. Learned something new! =)
Posted by portsmouthNHCustomer on 2008-09-28:
An engineered floor is no a laminate floor. It means the wood is engineered. This floor is all hickory wood and is a higher end line of Bruce flooring. The planks are not nailed or glued to the floor. Rather, they snap together so the the each plank is completely flush and the whole floor "floats" above the sub surface. The only reasons for the planks to separate are milling defects or poor installation. The Bruce rep ruled out a milling problem and an independant floorer easily identified the installation problem. The pressure of walking on the floor (with an ill prepared subfloor) pulled the planks apart. The only fix for this is to pull up the existing floor, spread concrete on the subfloor to level it, and re install the floor. If the installer is careful, and numbers each plank to retain their original position, this can be done in a day.

I paid a premium to B & C Floor Store to ensure my subfloor was sufficient. My house is only 13 years old and there was only slight warping with the plywood subfloor. All I ask of this company is to do the job correctly. They continue to insist that something unexplainable happened and that it is my fault.

This is why I urge others NOT to enlist the services of B & C Floor Store.
Posted by Nohandle on 2008-09-28:
Thanks for coming back and adding that it was the Bruce brand flooring. The installation appears to be the same as with a Wilsonart laminate, and they are not cheap either. I have several friends with that type of flooring in their homes. The floor has to be properly prepared, then a thin foam cushion of some sort is laid on top, adhesive is applied at the fitting grooves and the planks fit together perfectly. They are not glued or nailed to the floor either. At any rate, I agree it's a terrible installation.

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