Fuji Film Informative - Fuji Film Inc. does not honor rebates

Review by Anonymous on 2003-12-20
SOUTH CAROLINA -- Twice I have purchased Fuji's 2-pack zip disks with an offer for a $3 fast cash rebate. The offer states you will RECEIVE your rebate within 20 days. I have sent in for both rebates and received NOTHING....ever. The first time they said I did not fill out something correctly. The second time they said they did not receive it. It didn't come back to me so it must be sitting in their mail room or, as I suspect, it was all correct so it had to be 'filed' on their end. They told me I could fax a copy of my information to them in 2 weeks, which makes absolutely no sense. Why wait two weeks???? Oh wait, then the offer will be expired. Hmmm...I see. Very clever.
When you go to their website to register your rebate (supposedly this speeds up the processing! Yea, right) the fast cash rebate terms say it will be PROCESSED within 20 days, not RECEIVED as it states on the package. This appears to me to be false advertising on their packaging. I'm not going to lose sleep over $3 (actually $6), but on principle I will no longer purchase any Fuji products including zips, cd's, film, etc. So for $3 they lost any hope of selling me more of their products. Nice going. I'm sure my business won't break their back, but how many other people are pissed off about jumping through hoops to get a rebate they are entitled to receive only to find out the company never really intended to pay out these rebates. Think of all the ill-will they are generating! I will post my opinion of Fuji on every complaint website available as well as mention to numerous friends and co-workers that Fuji has not honored an advertised rebate. I think I can cost them more than the measly $3 they owed to me.
In general I think most people are aware that rebates are a scam. What puzzles me it that manufactures don't seem to get this and understand that joe consumer hates rebate process and when they don't get them they in turn hate the company. Seems to me a manufacturer should just avoid rebates if they really don't want to pay out the money or, if they genuinely want to give the customer an incentive discount to purchase their product give the discount AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE. Duh.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-22:
Companies that rely on rebates to sell their products are:
1. Ignorant.
2. Lacking a creative marketing staff.
3. Scammers who want to adverise a discount but do not want to actaully to give it.
4. Way out of touch with the buying public.
5. Cheap.
6. UnAmerican.
7. Sadistic.
8. Make inferior products that will only sell if they are perceived as cheap.
9. All alike.
10. The scourge of the earth.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-22:
To the person who commented above YA DAMN SKIPPY

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