Computer Market Place Compliment - Wonderful Service and People ^_^

Review by V on 2008-09-26
BEL AIR, MARYLAND -- Computer Market Place
126 Tollgate Road
Bel Air, MD 21014

I had some fan problems (fan not working) with my Toshiba Laptop and I went to Best Buy first. Was told it would be at least 4 weeks and at least $400.00+ to fix. Needless to say, I left.

Seen Computer Market Place as I was on my way home.

This being a Sunday evening, I knew they were closed but decided to stop in to see what their store hours were.

There was a fellow outside unloading a boat and I asked if he knew anything about the shop and he introduced himself as Steve, the owner.

I asked what the hours were. He told me and asked if I was looking for a new computer or to repair one.

I explained the problem and he said to bring the laptop in on Monday and 10am and they would look at to. He also let me know that they were kinda swamped and it might take a week or more to fix not including waiting for the part.

I said that would be fine and I would bring the laptop in Monday.

When I came in, Steve greeted me by name (I can't believe he remembered it!) and said that Joe would be handling my laptop.

I left the laptop and got a call a day later saying that it would be about $90.00 to get the part on top of the $40.00 to look at/fix and it would be about 1.5 weeks. I said go ahead.

On Wednesday I got a call and Joe asked if I wished to use a 'refurbished part' as they had one come in, would only be $30.00, and would be fixed by Thursday. I told them to go ahead.

I picked up the laptop on Thursday morning and come home to do some serious WoW playing.

The fan quit after about an hour. I called Joe and he told me to bring it right back in.

Joe asked me to sit and do what I was doing when the fan stopped.

So I started playing Wow, again (yay!) and the fan quit (boo!).

Joe ask me to leave the laptop and he would look at it right then, so I did.

Joe called back and stated that it seemed to be a OS/hardware/BIOS problem and that he would have it working by that evening. No extra charge!

Sure enough, Joe had it ready by 5pm and it's been working great ^_^

I have a new computer place!
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Posted by madconsumer on 2008-09-26:
this is a great review!!

with all the trouble people have had with best buy and so on, this is re-assuring there is still quality work and service to be found.

since i am a computer geek, i would have suggested locating a local person. you did, and now are very pleased.

sounds like your bios settings were set wrong, and shut off the fan. glad they have it working!!

very helpful.
Posted by V on 2008-09-26:
Thanks. No way was I paying Best Buy 400+ >_<

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