Hardees - Columbia, SC Complaint - Bad Service And Discrimination

Review by dogwill on 2008-10-01
COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Hardees in Columbia #1501766.

We went in on Friday evening, not busy at 5:32 pm. The woman with yellow shirt brought our food to table but not my sons milk shake. She said she will bring it right back but went to counter and began working on orders of the people in line.

My son went up to counter after we were through eating, but she ignored him so I went up there and said we need to go, give my son his shake and she saw I was mad so she made the shake. If you're white don't go to that Hardees because they will make you wait till they get ready to wait on you.
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Posted by ringostar on 2008-10-01:
WOW that's a bold comment, if you're white don't go to Hardee's. Really what has this world come to. You wouldn't think that race has anything to do with a milkshake. They just forgot!!!
Posted by Chris on 2008-10-01:
sounds like they gotta bunch of pigeons working there.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-01:
Maybe you can write to Hardees headquarters with a suggestion that each franchise place signs out front:
"White folk served here"
"White trash not welcome here"
Would that help?
Posted by Chris on 2008-10-01:
JC, don't be a pigeon.
Posted by Principissa on 2008-10-01:
That's a pretty brazen statement you just made, and honestly, it makes you sound pretty racist. I doubt they were discriminating, unless of course they were calling you cracker or whitey. They most likely just forgot. Perhaps they should put a sign up that says they don't serve milkshakes to white folks. This posts disgusts me.
Posted by Chris on 2008-10-01:
crackers disgust me, Princi.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-01:
that depends chris, would they serve a milkshake to a pigeon?
Posted by Chris on 2008-10-01:
JC, I heard your milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-01:
LOL chris!
Posted by D. on 2008-10-01:
Did he order a Chocolate shake or a vanilla shake?...That may have had something to do with it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-01:
Oh geez. Businesses should be able to sue for slander when they are accused of racism when it is obviously untrue. All this because of a milkshake. You obviously have no grip on reality.

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