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Review by hotvisionrod on 2003-12-28
i think there are hundreds of cutomers out there who should be VERY ashamed of themselves. i have never seen so many greedy horrible people as i did when i worked as a waitress. waitresses work hard, and wait on you hand and foot. i see people bring thier horrible children in throwing cheerios everywhere and the waitress has to clean it up, wait on three other tables at the same time, and you get a measly 2 buck tip because people dont know how to tip? waitresses only make $2.15 an hour because they have to live off of the tips they earn. and off of those tips they earn they have to report how much money in tips they made so the government can tax those tips PLUS thier paychecks. not to mention some have to tip the bartender, the chefs, and the host/hostess. and here comes some people who think that because thier cup was half empty, or the chefs got behind and couldnt get the food out in fast food time because the food is made fresh that its the waitress' fault and they cant have more then a 1$ tip? ive seen the best waitresses get nothing before and i think thats horrible. but its ok because when at the end of the night the waitress is scrubbing the floor for 2.15 an hour and it takes an hour to scrub the floor so the waitress gets 2 bucks for scrubbing a floor, she'll be happy knowing she at least made enough money to half way fill her gas tank.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-29:
Black people are good for tipping like this
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-30:
NO ONE enjoys bratty kids or thier thoughtless, rude parents at restaraunts. Children should be seen and not heard. Parents should tend to thier children, not only at home, but also in public.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-30:
hey Chadd...I wish you were right here in front of me....I'd rip the skin off your ugly, loser face. Then I'd call the cops. I belive you just comitted a crime by writing that.
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-01-15:
I 100 % agree! My big problem is with the folks that tip you a doller or two and pay with a 100 doller bill! Come on people give the server what she deserves. Was the server friendly? Did he or she make you want to come back? Were your drinks filled? Yes? Ok well PAY THE PERSON FOR IT! Also people just coming from church are by far the worst tippers on the face of the planet. Maby not all but in my 9 years of working in this sector I have to tell you the truth in this matter! Why can't you tip 15%? I go to church when I'm off work. I tip more than 15 %! But most of the time I have to serve and can't go to church on sunday. What is my reward for it? 9 times out of 10 a fat doller on at 50 doller guest check! Please Please open up your wallets and be fair. I happen to know that most servers won't work on Sundays cuz the people won't tip. I don't know... Sorry I went off on a rant!
Posted by notalwaysright on 2004-10-11:
Where do you work? I'll come eat there...I tip at least 25%...I've seen too many servers go homeless, get cars repossessed, etc.
Posted by Buster72 on 2005-03-20:
I think this waitress is in the wrong business.
She obviously has a negative attitude about almost everything....especially customers ....The people who make it possible for her to HAVE a job! She seems to feel that customers OWE her tips....even if the chef was slow and the coffe cup half full!
TIP....was originated back in colonial days, and it was "To Insure Promptness". I would suggest that this person get out of the food business...she will never make it with that attitude.
OR, if the customers are all such misfits, then perhaps she should try to upgrade to a better class of restaurant. Although I doubt that any sharp restaurant manager would hire her....Would know she was going to be a problem from the first intervue!
Good waiters or waitresses in decent restaurants, who enjoy working with people, and know their jobs, can make a more than decent living...and have fun doing it.
Posted by Tara21 on 2006-04-20:
I think Buster72 is a geek and living in a dream world. I too am a waitress and dont make crap from blacks, old people, or geeks like buster. Buster i hope you get fired from your job so you cant afford to eat out.
Posted by spiderman47 on 2007-05-05:
The waitress is correct in one thing, the children need
to be controlled inside of a restaraunt, & of course
black people could tip the waitress just a little more
than what they tip, it's the same way we put money in
Sunday School & offerings, & then expect a blessing from
God. I rest my case.
Posted by Starlord on 2007-05-09:
My ex always carped at me for my tipping. At various times in my life, I worked as a carhop and a cabbie, both of which depended heavily on tips to survive. I know how it is to try to live on tips, and I reward good service. Buster, FYI it is TIPS To Insure Proper Service. the best tippers when I was a carhop were teenage boys trying to impress their dates. The worst was a couple, older than God, driving a Bentley for Pete's sake. They kept me running with demands the whole time they were there, EVERY TIME, each time leaving a quarter on the tray when they pulled out. I had a smarta** who came in every Saturday night and ordered a marshmallow cherry orange. All of the other carhops refused to serve him, as that is a gag, designed to make a mess when the marshmallow hit the orange soda. It foamed up and got sticky marshmallow fluff all over everything. Finally, I said I would take his order out. I would run with the tray, and had to run over the hood of a car at times. As I ran to his car with his drink, I tripped on a small pothole ;) and the paper cup of sticky goop flew through the air perfectly and splattered all over his windshield. Sorry bout that! that was the last time he ordered the MCO. hotvisionrod does not exxagerate when she talks about the horrible customers. Every waitress, waiter, carhop, cabbie, shoeshine person, whatever, can tell you things about customers that would curl your hair.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-11-13:
I've been a waitress and bartender for a little over 12 years and I agree that the public, for the most part, does not understand, we waitresses make minimum wage and in some states even less. We also pay taxes on those tips, some restaurants I have worked at, it is a requirement that the servers pay 8% of their total sales at the end of their shift, as well as tipping the bartender, dishwasher, cooks(who, at most establishments, make at least $11 an hour)and the hostess. So do the math, we are lucky to have made enough cash by the end of the night to buy gas just to get back and forth to the job. Thats why I went back to school, just didn't have the patience to deal with rude, demanding people anymore. As if it's our fault the chef didn't cook your steak, we just serve it people, we don't prepare it, that's not a reason to stiff the waitress.

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