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Review by whmom on 2008-10-14
PARKVILLE, MARYLAND -- We have 2 Fords- one bought from Bob Davidson (BD) and another purchased from Dulaney (D). Since D closed we have received letters from BD stating that they were pleased to take over servicing our vehicles & they have sent us notices reassuring us that they will provide the same quality service and treat us like a quality customer!!! ( We had not been going to BD for service because it's not very convenient and didn't feel they were very customer friendly, but figured we would give them another chance).

Here's where the term "Actions are STRONGER than words" is the lesson learned here...

We had one vehicle in need of recall fixes & an oil change and another w/ a leaky sunroof (under warranty)and needing an oil change. We decided to bring the vehicles, one at a time, to BD. We traveled 45 minutes on Mon eve to drop off one vehicle, then drove back on Tue eve to pick up the one and drop off the other. On Wed, I called the shop about 6:15pm while we were eating dinner up the street from BD so I could double check the service hours- (On Mon, I thought the service representative told me someone would be there until 8pm, but I was second guessing myself now because that seemed very late so I wanted to check again).

The receptionist told me she THOUGHT the service dept closed @ 5:30pm. I knew that couldn't be right because both nights we were there, it was after 6pm and we met with the service advisor both nights; so I asked her to verify that info. She said she would double check and placed me on hold. I was left on hold and eventually slipped into [snip] voicemail... so I hit "0" to get the receptionist again. She didn't pick up to speak to me and just placed me back into a call queue and I landed in the voice mail again. I hit "0" again and it just rang and rang....several minutes of this... Very irritated, we quickly packed up the children w/ the remains of their food and arrived at BD @ 6:35pm... the service dept hours on the door said 6:30. The guy in the shop would not help us and said everyone left... WTF- 5 minutes after they closed I couldn't get any help? I went into the showroom and talked to the receptionist who had left me on hold only minutes before. I repeated my situation and reminded her that she left me on hold and she said "Oh, no problem, you can get your car.. I'll get the salesman to help you".

A few minutes later, the receptionist told me that the salesperson was handling a phone call and would be with me in a few minutes.. The remaining sales people were chain-smoking on the porch and didn't even flash a friendly grin in my direction. I walk around the showroom waiting patiently and I noticed a man sitting on a desk having a leisurely phone conversation with someone about golf. About 15 minutes later, he finishes his phone conversation and saunters over to me asking if I was the one w/ a truck "stuck" in the shop. (By now it's about 5 minutes until 7pm) I acknowledged that I was and he said he didn't think he could do anything... couldn't get to the ticket and run a credit card even after I advised that I could get cash if that would help.. WTF?! I had to wait 15 minutes for him to get off of the social phone call to tell me there was nothing he could do??? I was only 5 stinking minutes late to begin with and I could have been on time if the receptionist had the correct information!!!!!!!!!!! Come On!!!!! He said he would check, but immediately returned and said his hands were tied. Also, he couldn’t have been more condescending which made me feel like I was not worthy of being helped!!!! The sales & service dept are all masters of condescension.

I then had to come back the next morning, driving yet another 45 minutes, to pick up my truck. When I arrived, I explained my prior night's situation to the cashier in the service dept. HERE'S THE KICKER!!!!!... She apologized and said that the receptionist should have connected me to the cashier so I could pay by phone before they closed and then my keys would be with the night watch man so I could pick up my truck... HAD THE RECEPTIONIST PAID ATTENTION TO THE REASON I WAS CALLING AND TRANSFERED ME TO THE CASHIER INSTEAD OF DAVE LANCASTER'S VOICE MAIL, I COULD HAVE HAD MY TRUCK AND SAVED SEVERAL GALLONS OF WASTED GAS IN TRAVELING THE EXTRA DAY!!!!!! (BTW- WHEN I STOPPED IN THAT NIGHT TO TRY AND GET MY VEHICLE, THE RECEPTIONIST HAD SEVERAL MAGAZINES IN FRONT OF HER, ALONG W/ A NAIL FILE & HER PURSE!!! SHE WAS PROBABLY READING ABOUT THE STARS INSTEAD OF LISTENING TO ME ON THE PHONE).

To top it all off, my sunroof could not be fixed because they could not replicate the leaking..... Then I get a call from an 800 number to check on the quality service I received and to make sure that I was a happy camper.

Our new truck was purchased here and they were horrible 6 years ago .... at least they are consistently bad!!!!
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Posted by BobJohn on 2008-10-15:
"The receptionist told me she THOUGHT the service dept closed @ 5:30pm" and you knew you were there later than that previously. Also, their website says the service department closes at 5:30pm. Now you drove 45 minutes after the receptionist said she thought they closed at 5:30pm. Before driving 45 minutes I think I would have made more of an effort to call them (or check their website) to make sure I wasn't wasting 1 1/2 hours driving back and forth. But you took it upon yourself to drive there not really knowing if they were open or not. What theire real closing hours are I cannot determine - the website says 5:30, you say they said 6:30. Even if they did close at 6:30pm and you got there at 6:35pm, they were closed. Without question you should have been handled better on the telephone.
Posted by whmom on 2009-01-29:
Hi BobJohn,
Actually, I had already driven the 45 minutes and was only a few minutes away having dinner when I called the shop and the receptionist thought they closed earlier. Just wanted to clarify where I was. I definitely agree with you. It my be my stupidity for driving over with on the assumption that I heard the service advisor say someone would be there until 8pm, but they certainly could have handled my call in a more professional manner. Especially since I could have paid for my service over the phone while they were still open. I still will never go back there.. too much incompetence IMHO. Thanks for writing.

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