Williamsburg Marriott - 50 Kingsmill Rd Complaint - Not a very nice stay at the Williamsburg Marriott

Review by V on 2008-10-14
WILLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIA -- My DH and I stayed here Friday 10/10 - Sunday 10/12.

I always stay at Marriotts (rewards member and all that) and have never had a problem with one until know. Still would recommend Marriotts.

Some of the problems were minor, some not so.

1) Wrong Room - Booked a guaranteed King Size bed (as I've stated here before, my DH and I are not 'small sized people' and always book King Size beds/first class seats) and they tried to give us a double. Was told that there was no other rooms available in the whole hotel.

Asked for a manager, showed our guaranteed/confirmed room email again and got a King Sized bed.

(Small problem-fixed fairly quickly)

2) Door lock/handle not working. Got the green light when the key card was put in, but door wouldn't open.

Went back to front desk to a, "Now what?" comment from the front desk person. I said, "Excuse me?" and was then asked, "I mean, How can I help you?" Explained the problem and was told that it was "One of those odd doors" and to "just put the key in and pull up, then down, then back up to open the door".

(Small problem -fixed quickly if rudely)

3) Towel rack in bathroom broke when wet wash cloth was placed on it. Landed on my foot.

Called Front Desk and they sent someone up very quickly. With in 10 mins. The repair person was very nice and very, very polite.

(Small/med problem - fixed very well)

4)Ordered room service for dinner as it was near 8:30pm and didn't want to go back out. Ordered chicken wings and a salad for me and a burger for DH. I got food poisoning from it.

I know it was food poisoning because I had a piece of toast and tea for breakfast and no lunch on Friday. Then the chicken wings for dinner. I had a fruit plate for breakfast (room service, again) on Saturday and started to feel ill by 11:30am while I was at Bush Gardens (nothing to eat for lunch yet, and no rides yet).

DH brought me back to the hotel and I started throwing up the chicken >_< I couldn't keep anything down at all until I finished throwing up all the chicken.

DH called the front desk to inform them of the problem and was told that I was the only one sick and that it wasn't the hotels fault. That their was no way that we could prove it was the hotels fault.

Note, DH didn't ask for anything. Didn't want anything. Just wanted to let the hotel know that there was a problem with the chicken. They didn't ask if they could do anything. Didn't ask if I needed help. Nothing.

(Big problem - no help)

Left Sunday morning and came home.

Talked to Doctor on Monday. No test done (as I'm better today, just feeling run down) but he also said that it sounded like food poisoning.

I called the customer service line to report this and they said that they would get back to me in 3-5 days. I'll update when I hear from them.

I still like the Marriott chain and would stay at other hotels in that chain. The Fairview Marriott in Lexington Park is just wonderful so I know it's not the chains fault ^_^
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Posted by azspots on 2008-10-15:
What is a "DH" ?
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-15:
DH = Dear Husband.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-15:
Or Designated Hitter... same thing I guess...
Posted by V on 2008-10-15:
lol! Dear Husband unless I'm upset. Then it's Dratted Husband ^_^


The hotel called and apologized. Wanted more info on me being ill. Stated that they went over all procedures with the kitchen again. Wanted to add 10000 to my rewards program or a free night at the hotel as compensation.

I thanked them and stated that compensation wasn't nescessary. I was just glad for the apology and that they were looking into the situation ^_^

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