Childrens Dental Center of Atlanta Informative - Don't Take Your Children Here!

Review by Jaapook on 2008-10-15
CONYERS, GEORGIA -- My child and I both had an absolutely HORRIFIC experience. To begin with I waited almost an hour in the waiting room. When they did finally call our name they did not want me to accompany my child (he was 3 at the time and kinda nervous) I went back anyway. The lady taking x-rays was downright rude when my child didn't want to keep opening his mouth after she had made several failed attempts to get the x-ray. After that we went on to have his teeth cleaned. The lady was very aggressive with him and I eventually had to tell her to stop, explain that this was his first visit, and we could try again later. She insisted that it had to be done right then, and I had to to tell her again, No...we'll try again later.

On my second visit everything was going pretty much the same but the dentist came to examine my son before we tried the cleaning again. He told me that my son (who by now was scared to death) had to have an extraction immediately. He had been having some pain associated with the tooth and I know that it needed some sort of treatment. He could obviously see how fearful and nervous my child was but insisted that he pulled the tooth right then. He assured me that if I waited on an appointment where he could be sedated it would take at least 6 weeks and my son would be in severe pain the entire time. They ended up taking him to a "quiet" room where they proceeded to papoose him and pull his tooth. I have NEVER heard or seen my child scream or cry like that EVER before.

My son had to have a couple of cavities filled so I made the decision to go through with the sedation appointment. He was not allowed to eat or drink after midnight and his appt. was at 9:00 AM. We got there at 8:45 and I ended up walking out at 12:30 when they STILL had not called him back (despite me asking what was going on several times) And when I called back to speak to someone about what happened they told me it was my fault for walking out, and that their time was very valuable and I basically wasted their time by walking out. Yeah, I'm serious...they said that!

I rescheduled the appt. (and in the meantime was desperately looking for a new dentist.) When we came back, the guy working in the front office did apologize for what happened previously. They ended up calling us back within an hour. They put my son in another "quiet" room and asked me to leave. I told them that they said I could stay until he was out, and they reluctantly let me stay. The anesthesiologist gave my son a shot right above his left KNEE. She was aiming for his upper thigh...she missed! My son started shaking violently and when I asked she told me thats why they didn't like parents being in the room and I had already been told that this would happen with the medication they gave him. They then asked me to leave as my son fell asleep.

They did not give me a treatment plan (because they couldn't get x-rays until after he was asleep. I was told after they got the x-rays they would come out and tell me what they were going to be doing and give me frequent progress reports on my child. An hour an a half later they walk out and tell me my son is waking up and I can take him now. I NEVER met the dentist. I NEVER got a progress report. I NEVER was told what treatment was done. All they told me was they couldn't finish everything and that I would have to bring him back (and do this all over again) I was so angry I just grabbed my son and left. When my son woke up enough I looked in his mouth and they had given him 3 CROWNS!! I was furious. I later called up them after allowing myself to calm down some. I spoke with the same guy that was working the front desk.

He once again apologized but I assured them they would NEVER see my child again and I have tried to spread the word about their ethics. My child now has a wonderful dentist and has never even cried one time when going to see him! I just hope someone reads this before deciding to take their child to Childrens Dental Center of Atlanta
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Posted by Principissa on 2008-10-15:
Are you insane?! I would have walked when the hygienist got rude because he wouldn't sit still for the x-ray! I would absolutely report these people to the state board immediately. Do NOT wait. You have the right to refuse treatment for your child. You should have told them where to stick it when they pulled his tooth without any pain meds or anesthesia. This is a little kid, not an adult. Report them.
My son is 4 and our dentist won't even try x-rays until age 6.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-15:
I agree with Princi --this place sounds perfectly awful. It also sounds like they were after as much insurance money as possible.
Posted by V on 2008-10-15:
So many people tend to treat Drs. and medical personal as 'Gods' and let them do what ever they want to.

You always have the right AND duty to manage your and your familys own care.

NEVER allow ANYONE to dictate what they will or will not do when it concerns your medical care.

It's hard to tell a Dr. or other medical person that you think that they are wrong. But it sometimes must be done.
Posted by Nohandle on 2008-10-15:
I've never heard of such. The Pediatric Dentists in my area in no manner conduct themselves that way. The parents/guardians are generally requested to remain in the waiting room but the staff is fully trained dealing with children. No child is frightened nor does one experience pain. I've known adults who have a fear of a dentist and it usually stems back to a childhood experience. Good for you for taking your child elsewhere.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-15:
The minute they didn't want to let you go back with you kid, a three year old, you should have seen a flag. I worked in the largest children's hospital in my state and the parents were welcomed to be with their child in x-ray.

When dental tech got crappy, you should have left. Why on earth would you keep going back again and again. As an adult, my dentist got crappy with me and when he left the room, I got up, walked out, and never went back. I cannot believe you subjected your child to this. As a former medical person, I am appalled, at them, and sorry, by you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-15:
PS. Why is it easy to tell a waitress, a salesperson, the person who fixes a car or someone who works in a grocery store that they are being crappy, but not a medical person. They are human and fallable, too. There are a gazillion doctors out there. Pick another and let the old one know exactly why you won't be back.
Posted by Zenabi87 on 2009-01-28:
I had almost the same horrible experience with my son, now i understand the are just tying to get as much insurance money as they can, i will never step in tat place ever again and today they called to make another appointment 'cause they think my baby needs mare work done, i said no and i will never go back there, the doctor got super mad and started screaming at me, telling me how he needs the work done, i told him i had visit another doctor and iwas going to visit him instead, he got even more mad! and said that whatever doctor i took him to wasnt a childrens specialistand before i said something he hung up on me. PLease Please!!! do not take your children here!!!

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