Barbee's Freeway Ford Complaint - To Be Avoided - Is The Perfect Example Of An Unscrupulous Used Car Dealer

Review by ripsix on 2008-10-15
DENVER, COLORADO -- Called the dealership about a 2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon with about 17000 miles that they were asking $19994 for. Agreed to come in and take a look which upon reflection was my first mistake. When I drive up and parked it looked like a car salesman convention and as I was approached by the first sales guy I told him I was looking for a sales person and I walked past about 10 or 12 salesman standing inside next to the front doors as it was a bit cold and wet and that was the first uncomfortable feeling.

Ever felt like a target? If so then you would understand. So then I meet my salesperson and I took a test drive and the vehicle seemed OK, not too much detail work was done but was passable. You could tell it had been vacuumed and washed but not much else. Had parts of the front bumper not assembled and left in the back, tires had plenty of wear on them even though the online ad stated they were new.

We sit down to talk about the car and I tell them I want to trade in my 2002 Grand Marquis (blue book value around 3500 to 4500) and that I had $1000 to put down and my credit was not that great (it's around 650). I hand over my keys (another mistake as now I'm held hostage) and let them run my credit first thing (yet another mistake). So the sales guy comes back with some song and dance about best values with more money down, etc... and hands me two sets of numbers on a piece of plain copy paper: $3000 down and $530/month for 48 months and $2000 down and $440/month for 60 months and that includes my car as trade in.

When I look at one of the online calculators seems to me that they have just tried to cheat me out of thousands of dollars by wanting me to give them money and the trade basically for nothing as it didn't appear that it was being applied to the advertised price and then finance me at 12% on the full asking price of the used car. They keep coming back with some similar numbers and do the "sales guy switch" and make references as to the math not working out for the "guys in the back" and yet never show me any real numbers.

We finally get to what I'm really willing to pay and that's around $250/month for 60 months with my car and $1000 down and they won't go there. The second guy (he must have been the "manager" type and had come out of nowhere during the "negotiations" with no warning and without my original sales guy) finally comes back and tells me that they'll keep my info and if they find something they'll call me which came off completely insincere and then the original sales guy came back with my keys and I don't believe he even says goodbye like I'd wasted THEIR time. So I walk out of the place feeling like the following:

1.) they'd just tried to cheat me

2.) they'd just lied to my face

3.) that I needed a shower to clean off the sleaze.

I wouldn't buy a car from this place if it was the only car dealer in town and would advise anyone else to stay away... far away from these people and this place.
Comments:3 Replies - Latest reply on 2008-10-16
Posted by msnanny on 2008-10-16:
It sounds to me like YOU were trying to rip THEM off! You can't buy a $20,000 vehicle for $250 per month.
Posted by ringostar on 2008-10-16:
What did you expect was going to happen, you walked in there and said here's my trade in how much is the car. You didn't even try to talk them down, do you really think they are not going to try to get full sticker price for there car!! They were just being salesmen and doing there job. Next time do your homework and go in ready the wheel and deal!
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2008-10-16:
Was this your first time at a car dealership? Nothing you described sounds that out of the ordinary.

Like some of the others said, you need to do your homework before you go back - you are just begging to be fleeced by the first salesman that you feel like you can trust.

Go to the library and read "Don't get taken every time" by Remar Sutton. Then you will be in charge next time you go to the dealership.

Good luck.

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