ULTA Complaint - Lack of Customer Service

Review by m3dreamer on 2008-10-15
CORDOVA, TENNESSEE -- Here is a letter I just sent to ULTA detailing my visits to their establishment.

To Whom this May Concern;

I am writing to make a complaint on the plain LACK of customer service in your stores. Since ULTA opened in Memphis, I have only been there a half dozen times. The first time I visited was the ONLY time I've been greeted by an employee. I suppose that's because it was shortly after ULTA opened so they had not had a chance to get lazy. The rest of my 5 visits, I've not been greeted AT ALL. I've asked for help 2 times- BOTH times, the employee wasn't very professional. The first time, I asked for help choosing complimentary eye shadow colors. The employee - I think her name was Kay (I'd know her if I saw her)- acted like she really didn't want to help and half assed suggested something. After about 5 minutes, she made an excuse that she had to go let someone in the back & she said that she would be back to help afterwards. I continued to peruse the eyeshadows, trying to make a decision. A few minutes go by and the employee walks by without a glance my way. The LEAST she could have done is asked if I still needed help but no- it was more important for her to carry on a conversation with another employee.

My second interaction with an employee was just as disappointing. A couple weeks ago, I stopped by ULTA to try the Bare Minerals line of makeup. I asked an employee if I could try them myself. She had me sit down so that she could do it. Well, near the end of it,someone told her she had a phone call at which point she stopped what she was doing and wouldn't have told me what kit I could buy that she was using the contents of had I not asked her. Needless to say, she rushed off to the phone call. When I next saw her again, I asked her about a certain product line which she had no clue about.

With that said, my other complaint has to do with employees not asking customers if they need help- don't you know that when the customer knows that the employees are aware that they're there, it reduces the chances of shoplifting? Anyone working in retail knows that. Not only do the employees neglect to greet the customers or offer help, they all seem preoccupied applying makeup or in conversations with other employees. Instead of wasting their time BS'ing around, they should wander around the store and get to know the product lines, where things are located etc so that they can at least earn what you pay them.

On my last visit to ULTA, I was ready to purchase something, but there were no cashiers up front. When I turned around, there were no employees within my line of vision and I did not feel that I should have to go hunt for one, so I put the product down and left empty handed.

I'm not sure what ULTA teaches it's employees in training, but perhaps you should think about refresher courses every so often, or perhaps mystery/quality shoppers. I really wouldn't be surprised that the reason ULTA is never busy when I go in is for the lack of service. I have been to Sephora as many times as I have ULTA and I am always greeted promptly, then I am offered help. Sephora is always busy no matter when I go in.

Do you even care about customer loyalty? I have sent an email about the lack of customer service once before and never got a response.
I think I've said everything I want to right now. You can reach me by email: (__)@yahoo.com or by phone at 901-********.


Michele K.
Comments:2 Replies - Latest reply on 2008-12-14
Posted by madconsumer on 2008-10-16:
thy are not there to cater to your needs. next time shop at macy's, it will cost much more, but you will get the type of service you expect.
Posted by Morrisun on 2008-12-14:
If you need someone to hold your hand while you shop, hire a personal assistant.

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