Euro Canada Furniture Complaint - Ruined Furniture Set Refuse To Resolve In Any Way

Review by Crix on 2008-10-15
TORONTO -- Jag from Euro Canada Furniture sold us a dinning room set based on a Galaxy Home Furnishing catalog he had in store.

The set was delivered miss-matched by Galaxy Furniture. The hutch and the buffet boxes say they are of color "brown", while the table, leaves and the 6 chairs have the color on the boxes "cherry".

Not only is the color on the boxes different, but the pieces of the furniture do not match to one another. We now have a dark BROWN hutch/buffet and an ORANGISH with YELLOW streaks table and chairs.

When contacted, immediately after delivery, both Jag from Euro Furniture and Raj from Galaxy Furniture refused to deal with the problem, treated us impolitely and sent us away to "do whatever you want", they said. Initially they refused to talk to us, saying we have vision issues, but when shown pictures of the boxes that confirmed our "visions", they changed the tone a bit. Not for long, after passing blame from one another and having us take off from work and drive around numerous times with no result, they showed us the door of the store and told us they don't have time to waste with us.

Pictures were uploaded on webshots the day of delivery, so there is no question about this.

We are now short of a good few thousand dollars, humiliated and stuck with an embarrassing furniture that we hate even looking at, for a long time and with no solution in sight.

People, do not buy from these scammers, go to the big store chains, at least they will deal with your problems if you go high enough on the corporate chain. These thieves should just go out of business!!!

Who is there to protect the consumers in this country???
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-16:
Vote Nader in '08!!
Posted by B. on 2008-10-16:
Can't you take them to court? seems like you have a valid claim.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-16:
Bargod is right. This is perfect for small claims court. Further, did you pay by credit card? Is it too late to dispute the charge?
Posted by Crix on 2008-10-19:
Thanks for your comments and suggestions!

I paid by credit card the deposit and I tried to have a charge back. The CC company said they cannot if we got "something", I looked at the regulations and it is difficult if it was not an online ("card not present") transaction. I guess either the banks changed the rules, or we were too soft.

I was thinking to go to the small court, but never did that before. I am positive we were wronged, but I am just worried I will waste more energy, time and money to have a judge acknowledge they did wrong, but would that solve anything else? Like compensate or force them to do something about it if they don't want to?

Maybe you have more experience with this, please...
Posted by Crix on 2008-10-19:
"The Judge", I have no clue what you mean, this in case you think I should. :(
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-19:
Ralph Nader is a consumer advocate; his whole career has been about going after corporate to stand up for the little guy. He has run for president before under either the Green party or Independant. Does this help :)?
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-20:
Yeah Crix, I thought you might have heard of him, even being from Canada and all. Guess not. Good luck!
Posted by D on 2008-10-20:
Obama and Mc cain are both liars...Nader is lookin' pretty good right now... come to think of it, if Santa Claus or the tooth fairy were running I'd consider voting for them...

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