Stevenson Automotive Complaint - Destroys Vehicles, Practices Racial Discrimination With Customers

Review by 4poodles on 2008-10-15
JACKSONVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- On August 11, 2007, Stevenson Toyota Dealership checked our Toyota truck. My husband had them to put in WRITING exactly what was wrong with it and the exact price. It's in writing that they did a pressure test, a engine block test when diagnosing problem. The engine block was checked and okay. Written documentation stated they would fix head gasket, water pump, timing belt, oil change & antifreeze for agreed price of $1,892. This was signed by service adviser: [snip].

My husband talked with them practically everyday concerning the truck. And every day they would try to add something else to run the bill up. One day they called & said it needs a new timing belt and the price would be $373. extra. My husband ask them how much for the part and how much for labor. They said the part was $73. and labor would be $300 dollars. My husband (one of his degrees is in mechanics) told them since they will have to remove the timing belt anyway to do the gasket, why are they going to charge for labor for something that will be taken off anyway?

He inquired since they would have an old belt on the bench and a new one, what's keep the technician from picking up the new one & putting it on instead of the old one. The service advisor agreed and told my husband he was absolutely right! So, they would put the new on for the price of the part ($73.) Days later, when I read the service agreement, I discovered that the timing belt had already been included in the initial price! RIP-OFF,RIP-OFF!

Another day, they informed my hubby, truck need transmission flushed and wanted us to pay extra for that. My husband informed them not to do this service. We had just had transmission serviced and flush 2 weeks prior. Then they called again wanted to do spark plugs and charge big fee. Hubby refused to have him do this. What for, hubby can do this.They did not realize hubby knew about vehicles as they were trying to rip us off.

Hubby was told truck would be ready Friday (8/17/07).

On Friday (8/17/07), the service dept called asked my hubby could they keep the truck until Monday (8/20/07), and we could pick up then. Hubby gave okay.
On Monday (8/20/07), 'THE DAY WE WERE SUPPOSED TO PICK TRUCK UP' we received message on answering machine to call Gary at the service dept. Hubby called to be told that the truck had a CRACK ENGINE BLOCK & would cost $6,000.

Problem is this: on 8/11/07, they checked engine block it was fine according to them. Now, on 8/20/07, at time for us to pick truck up the engine block is cracked. If its cracked now, they DID it.

We immediately went out to Stevenson Automotive Dealership to discuss this matter. We asked to speak to the owner [snip]; we were given the run-around. Then we were told the [snip] was not in. We were told to talk to a man named [snip]. We informed him that we have in writing where the service dept was to fix truck for agreed upon price & where they did an engine block test and it was fine.

So, if its cracked now-they cracked it! We informed him we expected them to fix our truck for the agreed upon price they put in writing. This issue was not resolved. As we were leaving it sounded like he said something to the effect of ''that's the way those "N"(the 'N' word).

NOTE: my husband & I are an interracial couple. I am African-American and hubby is white. I was quite upset by this. My husband became so angry, I had to calm him down!

8/21/07, my husband called and asked to speak to the owner [snip] to discuss this matter with him (the problem with the truck and the racial overtones by an employee). He was told that the truck now DOES NOT HAVE A CRACK BLOCK!

Hubby asked 'are you going to fix my truck'? They told him for $595 dollars, he could come get, but he would need to 'TOW' it with a tow truck because the truck is in 'pieces/torn apart'.

Now, let me get this straight. We DROVE this truck to the dealership. It was drivable, but now we're expected to 'tow' it home. Then they want us to pay them almost $600 dollars for tearing it up! They tore it up!

Another request was made to have the owner to call us.

8/23/07, A man by name of [snip], called from the dealership. He asked to speak to my husband. I told him hubby was not home but will be back in 30 minutes. I informed him that I wanted to speak to the owner [snip]. [snip] told me that he is the one who handles 6 stores for Stevenson Automotive. He REFUSED to give me contact with the owner.

I, then, asked [snip] 'what is wrong with our truck'? He stated, I'll tell Mr._. (my hubby) when I talk to him. I asked him again, but he REFUSED to tell me anything pertaining to the truck. Now, mind you, I will be the one writing the check for pay for the work!

This made me feel like 'he cannot tell the 'BLACK WOMAN' what is wrong with OUR truck. He has to wait and talk to the 'WHITE MAN'!

He did call back and talked with my husband. He still had no answer concerning truck.

8/24/07, at 12:00 noon, [snip] called. He informed hubby that they will fix the truck for the agreed upon price. He said the 'engine block is NOT cracked'.

He stated the engine is uneven but the technician CAN fix the problem. Hubby asked him are you sure? He assured us that they could fix it. When asked about a warranty, he reluctantly said he would give us a 30 day warranty.

I thought that warranty was a little bazaar for a MAJOR dealership.

So, I called his other dealerships (they have 11 of them) to find out what is the standard warranty given out for parts & labor on their work.
I found out the standard warranty they give out is: 12 MONTHS/12 THOUSAND MILES.
Then my husband called the service dept at Stevenson Toyota (where our truck is) to inquire of the standard warranty. He was informed: 12 MONTHS/12 THOUSAND MILES.

If others get 12 MONTHS/12 THOUSAND miles, then what is this?

Is this the 'N...r' warranty?

Why do I have to get the 'N...r' warranty?

At 12:30 noon (8/24/07), my hubby calls [snip] back and ask about the warranty situation. ALL OF A SUDDEN, now [snip] says he does not think the work they are going to do will rectify the problem.

Note: 30 minutes earlier he gave ASSURANCES that it would/could fix the problem!
Which is it? This is the Toyota Dealership. We did not take our truck to some jack-leg mechanic working out of their backyard. The dealership are the experts on Toyotas.

As of today, SEPTEMBER 15, 2007, we still DO NOT HAVE OUR TRUCK! It is at their dealership. They will not talk to me. They will not give us our truck.

I am appalled how this dealership has treated me. They are racist, severely mistreat customers,desire to give me the 'N...R' warranty & intentional inflict emotional harm trying to RIP a person off.

Jacksonville is a military town (home to Camp Lejeune, the Marine Base).

So, I couldn't believe how they can treat military service members like this. I, service member of the United States Army. My husband is a former Marine and Disabled American Veteran (injured from war).

There actions are totally unfair!

Jacksonville, North Carolina
Comments:8 Replies - Latest reply on 2008-10-17
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-10-16:
This would be a great warning complaint to others had you left out all the racism accusations. Maybe you heard something, maybe it was or wasn't said, but the one mention you made was sufficient. All this "N" warranty stuff and such at the end is your color spin- no pun intended.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-16:
You need a lawyer. (and you should heed Jim's advice about the "N" word baloney)
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-16:
In nearly every case where an OP alleges intolerance, it is met with "I stopped reading when you brought up racism", or "this was good until you started throwing the race card". Sadly, intolerance does exist. In this case, a stupid comment by the dealership employee completely derailed any hope for an amicable outcome to the OP's complaint with this dealership. Let's not be so quick to dismiss every charge of intolerance. You may not have experienced it, but it does exist.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-16:
Excellent point Doc_J.
Posted by B. on 2008-10-16:
The only time I stop reading discrimination posts is when it is not relevant to the post. In this case it very much is. Good post, I hope things work out for you.
Posted by madconsumer on 2008-10-16:
you say you 'may have heard' the word used. no proof. all the race issues seem to be your doing.

the reason the mechanic did not want to spoeak to you about the truck, was the order was in your husbands name.

Posted by yoke on 2008-10-16:
I'm thinking the mechanic did not want to speak to the wife because she had an attitude. Like what madconsumer repeated the op herself said she MAY have heard the "N" word used. She was not sure, but she made it into a race issue.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-17:
The OP's use of 'may' with regard to hearing an intolerant expression adds to her credibility. The first reaction to hearing such speech is disbelief, particularly when one is unacustomed to hearing it. It is telling that so many want 'proof' of the epithet, but care little about any proof regarding the condition of the vehicle.

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