Salvatores Pizzeria Salvatore's Pizza Complaint - Food Poisoning - Warren, Michigan

Review by JC on 2008-10-22
WARREN, MICHIGAN -- The only other place where I've seen Pizza make people sick- due possibly to uncleanliness or not refrigerating was while on a business trip to China and that was not the fault of the U.S. restaurant company who franchised that store, but the locals in China who did not refrigerate the pizza sauce. I would think that is the case with Salvatore's Pizzeria - not Pizza (pizza can be very good food ), just BAD pizza.

Do they care at Salvatore's ? I think not.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-22:
When I was in High School I had a job pulling orders for various pizzarias.The sauce was never refrigerated.The cans sit in the warehouse until needed.We did business with Dominoes,Pizza Hut,Shakey's,Round table,and lots of independantly owned locations.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-22:
How do you know it was the sauce that made you sick?
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-22:
I can see the need to refrigerate the sauce, if it had already been opened.

But, like JC asks, how do you know that's what made you and/or people sick?
Posted by msugirl on 2008-10-22:
I've had pizza here it is terrible
Posted by cherpep on 2008-10-23:
Would this 'food poisoning' complaint have anything to do with this establishment offering free pizza to anyone bringing in a McCain sign? Interesting timing.
Posted by miohtx33 on 2008-10-23:
The owners here make you proud to be an American. Promoting theft of McCain Palin posters for free pizza. Last time I checked this was America a free country where we could put a placard in our yards....if you dont like it go back to socialist Europe of whereever you came from....p.s. wouldn't eat your pizza if I got a years supply free

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