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Review by PEEWEE12 on 2008-10-22
LARGO, FLORIDA -- I was told that I won 300.00 Worth of free gas. I was given a card to contact Freebee Gas, which I did they gave me directions to take out an initial fee out of my account to start the process and said it would be returned. And to start collecting gas receipts of $100.00 A month starting in June and I would receive $25.00 In a gas card after the 15th of the following month.

I have done this for June, July, August Sept. And October I not received anything I have called numerous times. Every time that I call I am told it would be sent out that day and to expect it in 10 to 12 business days.
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Posted by B. on 2008-10-22:
Here's a giant red flag for you. You haven't won anything that you didn't enter to win. So if you fell for that then I can forward you some e-mails from a guy in Nigeria that you might be interested in.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-22:
You were scammed!!

You were told you WON something, but you were then told you had to pay a fee and jump through hoops to collect your prize..which you still haven't received.

Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-22:
I think this sums it up pretty well....


Good luck jumping through those 7 hoops, OP.
Posted by Principissa on 2008-10-22:
Anything free that you have to pay for, isn't free. When they asked you to pay them you should have hung up.
Posted by D. on 2008-10-22:
I agree you were scammed...and that's why they say you would start collecting the free gas in June, it gives them enough time to pull this on other people before they realize they were ripped off.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-23:
I have just been awarded 27.9 million USD so as soon as I see it go into my bank account, I'll reimburse your gas costs. Just my way of saying don't fall for a scammer again.

I should see the money any day now........that's what they told me.
Posted by karenbunny on 2008-11-01:
I purchased items at TWEETER and they had signs everywhere promoting a free year's worth of gas through this FREEBEEGAS.com. I got the coupon and am very surprised that reputable companies would not check out the promotions they use in their advertising. I will write a formal complaint to TWEETER. It does say the company is not a co-sponsor of the promotion, but then they shouldn't be giving it to their customers. Also, when I typed in freebeegas in the "search our site" on this page, a google ad also came up for freebeegas on my3cents.com.
thank you for warning me about this scam before I wasted my 5.00 and time.
Posted by RDH on 2009-01-28:
Last year when I bought a new car I got a $500 gas certificate. Sent in the $5 processing fee, then receipts for 6 months in a row with the voucher and one was certified so I know they got it. They sent me emails saying they got all my receipts but I still have not received one card yet and it is now Jan. 2009.

I sent my complaint to FL BBB and FL States Attorney General. I found out this company is under investigation for Unfair Business Practices by that office.

I know I will never see those gift cards.

Do NOT do business with anyone offering certificates from Largo FL and under any of these names.

Tidewater Marketing Global Consultants, Inc. d/b/a FreeGasRedemption.com and FreeBeeGas.com. Also Freebiegas.com, gasolineredemption.com, gasregistration.com, securegasredeption.com, freegascentral.com, freelegacyfuel.com and I am sure many more.

Got this from FL States Attorney General web site.

and the BBB in FL. (NO surprise they have an "F" from the BBB.)

Buyer be warned!!!

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