Maid Brigade Complaint - Don't Let Maid Brigade in St. Paul, MN Take YOU To The Cleaners

Review by foxcat on 2008-10-23
EAGAN -- My experience with Maid Brigade has been terrible. They were incapable of performing the most basic cleaning services and were fired after the 2nd cleaning for lousy workmanship, falsifying time records, carelessness, lousy customer service, overbilling. Pathetic, just pathetic! To top it off, this company gave me a refund and then turned me over to a collection agency to recover it -- and added $35 for a returned check fee, even though I have bank records to prove that no check ever bounced. The owner is also trying to pass off a credit for a $13 overcharge on the first visit as a good faith adjustment. What a crock! I guess he didn't know that his employee already admitted the error in a voice mail recording. Unprofessional, unethical, and unaccountable. Do not trust this company.

If you do use them, be sure to give them a credit card so you will have recourse when you need it. Echecks are not protected. This company is one of the worst I've ever dealt with. This experience has been stressful, upsetting and time consuming. The company breached our contract by not providing the agreed-upon services and they continue to waste my time and energy by clearly acting in bad faith. Imagine trying to rebill me for a refund they generated - and adding $35???? Unbelievable. I always thought that contractual agreements were a two-way street. They are trying to hold me liable for services that I can prove were not provided and fine me for a bounced check that I can prove didn't bounce. This particular branch of Maid Brigade is an embarrassment to the franchise and the industry and I hope they get some peer pressure to change their ways.

It's worth the fee to join Angie's List. I would have saved myself a lot of grief if I'd checked with them first. Maid Brigade has a history of this horrible service for at least two years running. Beware and look elsewhere for cleaners unless you enjoy being ripped off, harassed and disappointed.

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