Wallmart Complaint - discrimination and bad service

Review by thelight on 2004-01-01
BERRYVILLE, ARKANSAS -- On December 23,2003. Berryville Walmart.

I am a man over sixty years old. My partner is over seventy. We have not been feeling well and thus: when we drove up to the store to buy one item my partner pulled up and out of the way in front of the store. We were not parked, the motor was running and we were out of the way of all traffic. Yes, we were in a fire zone, but due to us feeling so badly we didn't see any harm, and especially with the motor running and me in the car.

The "cart pusher" (Doug is his name) came walking up to the car and glared into the window. Saying nothing he pulled out a walkie talkie and I could tell by the body language that he was "reporting us". I stepped out of the car and told him I would move the automobile. Even though I do not have a drivers license.

His remark was "you better."

I was so taken back by Doug's attitude that I pulled the car over to a parking area and went into the store. I told my partner not to purchase the item he had got and ended up taking it to the service department, telling them how Doug

had treated us and got our money back.

As we walked out of the store Dough was there and said "You better get your fag asses out of here."

With him making that type of remark I went back into the store and spoke with the manager, Jim. (or John). I told him the situation. Told him we had traded in this store for over twelve years and could not believe that someone working for Walmart would say such a thing. The manager made no comment of to what he would do with Doug and I left.

Doug is still working there and infact, we went to the pharmacy today and he saw my partner and made it a point to sneer at him.

I have always used Walmart. Even in Dallas Texas we used the super center. And I have never been treated in such a horrible way. I am reporting this to any and all that I can. And I hope that I can hear some positive results in an action taken towards Doug.

Yes, we are gay as a great deal of the people in this area are. We are also business owners in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The people that I have spoken with in Eureka Springs have been taken back also. Very disappointed in Walmart.

Yours very truly,

Gary gage
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Posted by Anonymous on 2004-01-01:
It is illegal to leave a car running while no driver is in control of the vehicle. You had no license. The Parking Lot Attendant did the right thing in this situation, as you and your partner were putting every patron within close distance to the running, non-driveless vehicle, in danger. I, for one, am glad to have these Attendants keeping the parking lots free of carts, debris, and dangerous Idiots, such as yourself and your partner. Thanks Doug :)
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-01-01:
Nothing worse than fags at walmart...or negros, jews, beaners, stupid wop degos.
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-01-02:
Here's an idea....don't shop there! Of course you shouldn't have been treated so rudely, but what's more bothersome is you guys keep going there. Is there no other place to shop?
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-01-03:
To the "racist comment" poster - you should really come to terms with own sexuality because you are a closet homosexual. Anyone that voices an opinion such as your is either gay themselves or want to be.........think about it!! Ther are more gay people on this planet than you realize. The next time you are with someone you know and having fun harrassing people, it might do you good to wonder if the person you are with is thinking about getting into your bed with you. Don't knock it till you tried it.......
Posted by stupid people on 2004-02-23:
well you shouldnt think you are above the law because you and your lover werent feeling well... there are other people not feeling well also but the dont park where they want too.
Posted by goddesslisap on 2004-02-28:
I'm going to give you the buzz from a retail employees perspective on this issue. First of all I'll agree with you racial slurs are uncalled for. See working in retail I get to see the first hand behavior of customers. Now, I'm not saying you definitely fall into this category but I will give you a few examples of why WalMart may not be taking you seriously, and doing anything about Doug. Customers get angry and go to the managers all the time. They will treat retail employees like the mere dirt on the bottom of their shoes, and then go play it out as if it was the employee who was being rude when indeed it was the customer being rude. Why do customers do this? To scam free stuff out of the stores. Every day a customer acts rude complains to the managers, threatens not to ever shop in the store again, in hopes the manager will bow down and give them some kind of reward. Managers are so used to this that it gets old and doesn't phase them eventually. Voila!! not even a week later the angry customer is back in the store. Now remember he said he was never coming here again!! The fact that you are claiming Doug is rude but keep returning probably is making it look like you are targeting store employees to get free goods. Like I said, probably not the case but that is how it probably comes off to the management at this WalMart. My best advice to you is to personally ban WalMart, and find another place to shop if indeed there are other options.
Posted by stoney3d on 2004-03-05:
remind me not to shop were GODDESSLISAP work's at. the only thing i can say smack the tihs out of the boy then see if he make's smurk's then. dont stop going to wallmart over a kcuf ecaf like that you have right's to
Posted by Zakk on 2004-04-26:
Fire zones are there for a reason. If they allow you to park there (feeling ill or not) then they will have everyone with an excuse doing the same, and guess what---I don't want to burn to death while purchasing a DVD because the fire dept. was help up by YOUR car. As for Doug calling you names, first, it was not racist, as homosexuals are not a "race". Second of all, while it was rude, and while you have a right to go elsewhere, why do you care so much about what a moronic, imbicilic jagoff like Doug thinks?
Posted by Rattrap007 on 2005-03-13:
while his remarks were wrong you too were wrong in parking there as it is illegal. Next time just park the car in a normal spot.

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