Best Mazda Houston Complaint - Horrible "Service" Experience

Review by tab85400 on 2008-10-24
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I requested information on a new Mazda MX-5 Miata via the internet. One of the Best Mazda Internet Managers contacted me within a reasonable amount of time. I had been shopping with several Houston area dealership for the MX-5 Miata with the features I wanted.

Finally, found Best Mazda which had the model with everything I wanted on it's lot. After the usual back and forth on the phone with the manager, I finally agreed to take a trip out to take a look at the car and make a buying decision. When I arrived, the car was cleaned and ready for me to sign on the dotted line. The sales manager gave me the keys to the car, but at no time offered to review features, functions or asked if I wanted to take it for a test drive. Guess he was in too much of a rush and assumed the sale was a done deal. I noticed immediately that the windows on the car were not tinted and requested to have this added to the deal. Naturally, I got the old "I need to check with my service manager" who was not there at the time. Being the nice guy I am, I simply said, no worries, let me know. What an easy way to ruin an otherwise perfectly good experience.

I took the car on the commitment from the sales manager he would get back to me on the window tinting. 2-3 days went by and of course, I never heard from him. I called him to follow up. Left a detailed voicemail. 2-3 days later, never heard from him. Called him again and actually got him on the line. "Oh yes, I totally forgot! Let me check with my service manager and I will call you right back." 2-3 days went by, never heard from him. Called him one last time. Exact same "Let me call you right back!" 2 more days.


Called and left a detailed message for his service manager. 2-3 days later, nothing. Low and behold, I get a call from a young lady from the dealership who excitedly told me my new tags were in! I told her that's good, but my window tinting situation and lack of follow up was still a dangling participle and I had nothing to be excited about. To her credit, she did call me back after checking into the situation as promised and stated both the sales manager and service manager had left for the day (Odd, why did she have to call me back if they had left for the day?) but she would relay the info and have them call me as soon as they could. She even asked what would be a convenient time for me to bring in the car to have the tinting taken care of, but of course, she could not commit to it without approval.

I will give you three guesses what happened 2-3 days later. Yep, you guessed it. Never heard from anyone! Not even to say, sir, sorry, you are just SOL on the window tinting. NOTHING.

I just finally called and asked whoever answered the phone to just mail me my tags. What was the use? What is disheartening is that such a simple request can treated as an annoyance and not even given the common business courtesy of a simple follow up phone call. I know business has got to be booming with the economic meltdown and I am sure the dealership is swarming with customers! To the point where sales people rarely have the time to do things like.....make phone calls?

Anyway, I would like to save this dealership some time and energy by completing their customer service survey early:

Would you buy from this dealership again? NOT IN THIS LIFETIME!

Would you recommend this dealership to friends and family? Only the ones I REALLY don't like.

How would you rate the service of your salesperson? There were sales people there??

Can we put you on our mailing list for future dealership specials and offers? You are kidding right?

To sum it up, I never realized service was such a big deal until I walked into Best Mazda and frankly, neither did they! For any other potential customers out there who may be considering this dealership, all I can say is BUYER BEWARE!!!!

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