Airport SeaPort Parking / United Airport Parking Complaint - Beware! Unlicensed Company will Provide Parking for FLL and Port Everglades

Review by J.D. Watkins on 2008-10-27
FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- Before departing our cruise we reserved port parking with an online company called United Airport Parking. I prepaid my parking and when I found the facility I had my doubts. Since I have already prepaid over $87, I was kind of stuck having to accept the parking facility as the agent who was at the counter said there are no refunds if I don't park or wish to cancel without giving 48 hour notice.

Having just returned from a 14 day cruise out of fort Lauderdale's Port Everglades with my wife, two sisters and my 83 year old mother I phoned the office as instructed and waited patiently for Airport SeaPort Parking / United Airport Parking to come and collect us so we can pick up our car. Almost an hour and a half later waiting in the hot Florida sun a dirty white van pulls up to the curb. The driver tells us to hurry-up as he needs to go to lunch. I told him that was good, that we have been waiting for aver an hour and I think he can be a little patient. The driver (I later find out his name is Lincoln) then snaps that if we don't get on the van he was going to leave. How fast can board with an 83 year old? we all get on thinking he would put our luggage on but he just milled about smoking a cigarette while we locked in the van with the van and AC off and the windows up. I got out and asked him about our luggage and he has the gall to call to say, "What are you a smart *&$"? He then told me to put my own luggage in the van as he already knows that I am too cheap to give him a tip.

At this point I told my family to get out of the van and I called for a taxi. The van driver, Lincoln started using abusive language toward us calling us rude and vulgar names.

We took a taxi to the facility (If you can call it that. The lot looks a little decrepit, filled with overgrown weeds and a sagging fenceline and no signage" and as I walked up to collect my keys I was told that I would have to pay for an additional day because I was late. What nerve of them to even attempt to collect more money from me after leaving me at the port for over an hour and then sending their deranged driver to collect me. I then asked about my $19 cab fare and they said pretty much, "...tough luck we sent a van for you and its not our fault that you didn't like the driver so we won't be giving you a refund."

while we were loading our things in the car the driver, Lincoln, pulls up and walks past us snickering a little louder than he should about us being cheap bast---s and that'll teach us.

Airport Seaport Parking and United Airport Parking are horrible. Their service, the shuttle van driver, and the location are beyond a doubt not professional or kind in any way. I would never use their services again nor would I recommend these services to anybody. Yes their prices are cheap but I guess it is true:


I tried to call a manager at Airport Seaport Parking but I was told their is no manager and the owner, James, never comes in. I then called United Airport Parking and spoke with a Paula. She apologized and tried to find an excuse for everything that happened to us.

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Posted by ProfBob on 2008-11-03:
Found United Airport Parking online when I searched for parking at Port Everglades, Ft. Lauderdale. I was skeptical as the rate was really good. I called the United Airport Parking phone number and spoke with a woman named Paula. She told me the world was great, life is good and she is a reputable person who collects her parking money upfront to guarantee a space as Fort Lauderdale / Port Everglades is always busy and that spaces at any lot are hard to find.

OK, I bit and paid $80 for 10 days of parking.

The lot was difficult to find and her directions weren't very good. My GPS couldn't seem to find the lot either. I called United's number and no one answered and then tried to lot's number. The person who answered to me he was busy and to call back later. Now, here I am stuck in the middle of a strange city and lost. At a gas station, which I later find out is within a mile of two of this facility, I ask the clerk about United Airport Parking or Airport Seaport Parking and he tells me he has never heard of them. A Police deputy then comes in to the station and I inquire with him for directions. The police deputy told me he works at Port everglades and has never heard of either company.

About to give up, I make one last ditch effort to call Airport Seaport Parking. The same guy answers and try to tell me that he is still busy but I hear him laughing and poepole in the backround yelling. I waited for a couple of minutes listing to people complaing, yell and cursing and he then picks up the phone and quickly gives me directions. It seemed I was just around the corner.

When we got to the lot, if you an call it that, we find a fenced yard where the fence is falling down in places and tilting unnaturally far in others. The yard is enveloped in tall; knee high weeds with cars parked everywhere. There was no organization; some cars were parked touching each other and others so close together I couldn't imagine how someone could fit between them to open the doors if they had to move them.

There were people out front, angry and yelling about damages on their car while I would imagine an employee just stood there smoking a cigarette shaking his head. There was damage on this person's car. I saw it, whether it was there when they parked or not I can't say but the damage was very noticeable.

At this point another couple comes out of the office, the man yelling to I guess his wife that they were overcharged and why would she make reservations at this dump....

At this point as I went into the office I noticed two employees both laughing and exchanging not too flattering remarks about the last customers. I said good morning and then tried to explain that I have changed my mind and didn't wish to park here any longer. The man behind the counter said fine, we really don't need your business anyway. When I asked about my refund for the $80 I had prepaid the other employee that was smoking outside interrupts and tells me to "take it up with your credit card company because we don't issue credits or refunds". He then wishes me "Good Luck!"

After we departed heading towards the Port we found another parking facility called Park N Fly. A very clean parking lot with real parking spaces, nice landscaping, lights and friendly employees. We parked here and had no problems! Theirate was a little more but still considerably less then the port and well worth it. We were taken to the ship and picked up promptly.

I have since disputed the charges to my credit card because when I got home I called United Airport Parking and told the lady, Paula that I didn't park at her facility and wished a refund. She said she would have to research whether I parked or not and get back to me. Eight days later I called he back and she said I did in fact park and asked me what type of scam was I pulling. I tried to explain that I parked at Park N Fly and mailed he a copy of the receipt from them via certified mail. two weeks go by and I call he again. She still claims that the lot documented my parking and would not even think about issuing a refund. I asked her if she looked at the Park N Fly receipt and she hung up on me. At this point I disputed the charges with my credit card company and have not heard back from "Paula".

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