Makino Buffet Restaurant Complaint - Bugs In Food! - Food Has Bugs!

Review by cestmoi_encore05 on 2008-10-31
My sister and I dined at Makino Buffet Restaurant at location 9570 S. Eastern Ave. Henderson, NV 89123 • 702-263-7837 about two months ago. The experience I've had at Makino put a knot in my stomach every time I thought about their foods. What happened was while digging through a broccoli head , my sister found some BLACK, HAIRY CREATURES, a little bigger than black pepper. We called the waitress and told them that it looked like the are bugs!!! The waitress confirmed with the chef, then came out and told us "Yes, look likes they are bugs. We will not charge for your meals today" and you know what else she said "This is the first time it EVER happened". We were too disgusted to eat anything else, so we took off. As we were heading toward the door, the waitress called us back and said "We only pay for ONE of the meal, you have to pay for the other". I was so angry, so we paid and left- Before I left I said to the waitress "The money is not a problem here. What you should be concerned of is to make sure your foods are Clean before giving it to customers". I called the manager the next day to complain about the unprofessional customer service I was given.

The manager said he will call back, BUT NEVER DID!!! hey are lucky that I did not sue them. After that time- Makino have lost not only me as a customer, but I've told all of my friends to never, EVER EAT at Makino!!!
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Posted by TGT101 on 2008-11-01:
How can you see that bugs are hairy when they are the size of a flake of pepper?
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-11-01:
As much as I hate fast food, I'd rather eat it then at a buffet line anytime. I'm adding buffets to my "should be banned" list - just think of the disgusting things that happen with all those people touching the food, licking their fingers, sneezing, coughing...gag! Those bugs may have been the healthiest part of your meal!
Posted by D on 2008-11-01:
I'm sure the local health department would have some interest in your situation.
Give them a call and explain what you saw.

For what it's worth, if you'd have eaten them., they probably would have done you no harm..
My Mom always said, "you'll eat a pound of dirt before you die"...
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-11-01:
Survivorman likes and eats bugs, he says they have lots of protein. On some of his shows he lives on bugs for a week.
Posted by madconsumer on 2008-11-01:
was the broccoli fresh or cooked? if fresh, sounds like they did not wash it properly.

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