Department of Justic Complaint - The 1998 FCC Audit of The Regional Bell Operating Companies

Review by dutchman128 on 2004-01-03
WASHINGTON, WISCONSIN -- In a letter dated January 27, 1999 to The Honorable William E. Kennard Chairman of the FCC requesting information on the audit of The Regional Bell Operating Companies and GTE now (Verizon Wireless) commercial property records.
There were fifteen questions asked of the FCC Commission too respond to about the standards FCC investigators used in their audit. The way I see it as a taxpayer and I believe that others would come to the same conclusion. That this was nothing short of harassing the FCC Commissioners. Not only wasting taxpayerís dollars, but to interfere with that 1998 audit. I sure that the legislators help draw up the laws regarding FCC audit laws. Itís just another black eye in the American Justice System and the way we do business in this country.
I would like to know what FCC answers were in regard to those fifteen questions. As it is stated in paragraph three, I quote the following statement ďThe public has a right to completely understand the FCC audit process and evaluate the FCC findings in their proper context.Ē
Under the 47 C.F.R. part 32 I understand that all inventory listed must be visual. Yet, there is an estimated 10 billion of unauditable or missing equipment, reported by the FCC auditors after performing only a quarter of the total audit.
In reading over the letter to the Commissioner of FCC dated January 27, 1999, I can now understand why the audit was dropped by FCC and turned over to the different State Commissioners. What I donít understand as a tax payer is why wasnít anything done in regards to either FCC filing a false audit report of The Regional Bell Operating Companies, and GTE or was that audit true? Was this an attempt on the part of members of or our government, to pressure FCC into dropping any further investigations of the missing equipment?
Mentions that some $153 billion dollars of equipment never audited, why not? (See: Forbes Magazine a report by Scott Woolley dated 05/12/03)
Someone will be held responsible maybe not today, but when the lid comes off and the public become aware that some companies are held accountable for Securities fraud and other are not. What happens to the 401Ks retirement plans in the future? Why didnít SEC file fraud charges against The Regional Bell Operating Companies and GTE, for filing false net worth if the FCC audit was correct?
Verizon Wireless (Bell) has some $1.7 billion that it used as a deposit for the FCC auction of broadband licensing and now is suing for in Federal Court. This money should be held in reserve for possible fines or reimbursement to the stokeholds and its wireless customers in possible over charges.
I sincerely hope that member of Congress would look into this matter as it involves thousands of stockholders and cellular users not to mention taxpayers.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2004-01-08:
No one cares.....get a life

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