Rio Hotel and Casino Complaint - Wedding Day Horror - Hotel Credit Card Nightmare

Review by Skingrey on 2008-11-03
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I feel that I really need to explain to all of you the events that occurred this last weekend while we stayed at the Rio for our wedding.

We scheduled the trip during the first week of October for our special event. My wife has stayed with you in the past and she loved the entire establishment.

Upon check in, I was in a meeting in Henderson and there was some small issues with her last name being different then mine at the time, but that was cleared up with one very quick phone call.

We were married on Thursday night, and it was truly more beautiful then I could imagine. It went off without a hitch. It was perfect. The issues began on Friday evening when I received a phone call from the wedding chapel stating that they were unable to deliver my wedding pictures due to a complication with my credit card. At the same time, I received a message from the front desk, and they transferred me to a Manager who stated that they had forgotten to swipe my credit card at check in and if I could come down so they may put it on file. I asked my wife, and she stated that indeed they had at check in swiped the credit card, at that point I knew something was terribly wrong.

I phoned my bank and asked them what the status of my account was. They stated that my account was locked up and that I was unable to retrieve any funds because of three separate charges that were pending from the Rio in the amounts of $390.00, $365.00, and $960.00. Billing us under my name, my wife's name and a separate charge no one could explain. I was to say at the least floored considering the fact that I had booked the rates at $49.00 per night. Here we are stuck in Las Vegas and have no source of funds and no source of how we are to even function over the two days during our stay.

I immediately headed to the front desk while my wife, who was in complete tears at this point was on the phone trying to get some sort of an explanation. When I arrived at the check in desk, I was immediately approached by a gentleman who asked if I was [snip] and stated that he knew there were issues and that everything was fixable. I asked who I needed to talk to and he went to the back to reach [snip]. he stated that Mark was on the phone and that he would be right out. While waiting the bank phoned me back and stated that they had shut the credit card down completely until we could figure out all of the issues in the mean time.

Mark came out and very politely introduced himself and stated that he understands that there were some large issues and that he could not fully explain what had happened to get us to this point. He showed me the folio and the list of charges, many of which were not ours including one for a Stealth package. I have yet to understand what one of those are, but I do know it was $900.00 worth. I explained to Mark that we are now stuck in Las Vegas, unable to retrieve our wedding photos, unable to at that point even get back to the airport.

He stated again, that he would do the best to resolve the issues including calling the bank and trying to release all of the tied up funds. Mark stated that I should head back to the room and get ready for the show that we purchased and that started in less then an hour. I went to our room and changed and on the way to the show, I stopped at the desk again and Mark stated that he had called the bank and that everything was handled. I asked again as well if our room charge was opened up so that we could enjoy the evening and he ensured us that it was. I went to the ATM and the funds were still tied up. Knowing the room charge was open, we continued.

Half way through the show my wife went to the restroom, and after about ten minutes after she had not returned, I went to locate her. To top everything off, they were holding her at the bar area and in front of every they stated that we were unable to charge to our room and we needed to pay cash immediately. I was truly breathless at this point. I went to the ATM used my business card and took a cash advance. I went back settled up on the bill and headed needless to say at full steam to the front desk with my wife. I immediately asked for Mark and he came from the back office again and I was clearly angry again stating that they just pulled us out of the show and pretty much called us dead beats and our room charge was not open. He stated that he opened the charge and that he did not know what was going on. We went directly to our room. Never making our dinner reservations that evening, not finishing the show, and emotional drained from all of the unneeded drama that had just taken place over the lat three and a half hours.

You will never understand the amount of stress that this caused us. No one ever will. This was our wedding weekend and because of some billing issues that was no fault of our own, the weekend. lets just say will never be forgotten. I wish you could understand the true amount of dissatisfaction that we felt. I do want to say That Mark was unbelievable, never passed the buck, never made us feel anything but great. The situation was not of his doing, but someone certainly destroyed our very special weekend with one charge.

I know that this entire story sounds unbelievable, but it did happen, it happened to us during our wedding weekend.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-11-03:
My wife and I got married by an Elvis imitator in Vegas. I think it was legal....
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-11-03:
After this problem, the Rio should have comped you lavishly for the rest of your stay. I hope you hear from them with some sort of restitution for all your problems. Years later you will think back and laugh about this whole mess (hopefully). In the meantime, enjoy your new married life!
Posted by Nohandle on 2008-11-03:
I still can't determine if this was a Rio error or a CC error. It appears to be a comedy of errors and no humor involved. I've wondered sometimes if I was out of state, there was a problem as you had with a CC, no check was accepted what does someone do? I have two credit cards I seldom use but it really has to be the pits to find yourself in that situation. Which CC were you using? I don't recall you stating.

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