ABC Moving Inc Complaint - Beware Of These People!!

Review by Exchampion on 2008-11-04
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- On September 30th 2008, I contracted the A.B.C moving INC for my relocations services from Port Charlotte to Largo Florida. My wife and I had a two bedroom apartment. The day of the move I was in Largo, but my wife was at the apartment to wait on the movers.

I found their telephone number on the web and called them up. I spoke with a gentleman who identified himself as the manager at A.B.C Moving INC. He said his Name was Sergei. I explained him our situation and the fact that we needed to move that same day. He said that he had a truck ready and would be at the apartment by noon. I negotiated the price with him and he said that total charges were going to be $480.00 that included everything delivered to our new location.

We agreed on 2 hours of packing and loading and 4 hours of travel. I asked once again if this was the actual price I was going to pay and he said yes it includes everything. “As a matter of fact” he said, “I’ll go ahead and fax you the credit card authorization, for you to sign and will be on our way”. I also stressed the fact that the household good needed to be in our storage unit before 6:00 Pm because the gate would close and I couldn’t get in after that. I signed the form for $480.00 and faxed it back to him.

The movers arrived at our place at 2:15 Pm. But instead of two movers, which we initially agreed upon, there were three of them. I called “Sergei” back and he said with three movers they’d finish a lot faster and the price we agreed wouldn’t change.
Throughout the day I called my wife to ask her about the progress. She told me that two of the movers spent more time seating on the truck and making comments about her than doing their job.

They had made personal comments about her, and were very rude. Moreover, she was very upset at their unprofessional behavior and work ethics. She felt that she had to start moving boxes to the truck herself at this point because things were moving very slow. . They also unpacked the boxes we had prepared only to rearrange them and put them into their own boxes. This did not make any sense at all but still we didn’t complain.

The “three” movers did not finish loading the truck until 6:45 Pm. The packing and loading job that should’ve taken 2 hours they purposely had dragged it to 4 ½. By this time the storage unit had been closed, so I called “Sergei” the manager back to complain about this. He said that the only thing he could do at this point was to hold them at his warehouse until we needed the households. He renegotiated the price with me for the storage and said that he was going to charge me $70, 00 extra for that service. At this point I had no other option but to accept. I started to understand at this point that I was being duped. Total bill $550.00.

Later that night, when my wife got back home, she presented me with yet the biggest surprise of the day. A much larger bill total $1670. In that bill they had charged $95/hr time 3 movers, they had charged some ridiculous amount in scotch tape or boxes etc that were already included on the negotiated price. More importantly, they charged my credit card without my consent. When I called back to protest these unjust charges, “Sergei” the manager, was way beyond rude to me. He used a kind of profane language that I can’t use in this letter, (one can only imagine the content of his language) Told me to pay up or I wasn’t going to get my household goods and then he hung up the phone on me.

This last Monday Oct 21st I called and requested that my household goods be delivered. We waited all day for our household goods but they never arrived. When my wife called them back, they used the same profane language they had used with me before. Next day I called, He denied delivering saying that I had to sign some more receipts for him. So I signed a receipt for the $550.00 and faxed it back to him. Later that day he calls back saying that he wouldn’t deliver if I didn’t sign the charges I had not approved which I denied to sign again since they were not supposed to be there to begin with. A.B.C Moving INC never gave me a good reason for the charges. The only explanation I received was a yelling match including mostly profanity directed to either me or my wife.

Later that day after all the failed communications with them, I decided to give them one last chance to deliver our goods and sent an email in which I informed A.B.C moving INC that if I didn’t have possession of my household goods by Tuesday Oct 22nd at 6; 00 Pm I was going to report this to the sheriffs department, and sent a courtesy copy of that email to your office as well. It was only after that email that they decided to deliver our household goods.
When the truck arrived, my wife took pictures of all the boxes and wrote down details about the conditions of the boxes. The boxes were crushed on each other; it seemed that they had been thrown up on top one another. There were evident rips on the boxes and water damages, the bottom of one box had completely fallen off, the tape was holding it together. The mattresses were wet and had rust on them. On a couple of boxes there were evident shoe marks were someone had “kicked” the box. Our leather couches both had rips in the back. Our china that has been in the family for over 90years, the boxes showed evident marks and deformations.

All of this seemed nothing but the vandalism act of people who do not respect the property of others. My wife and I are deeply troubled at these events and the conduct of this company. I’ve tried to call them and claim the damages but haven’t been successful. Although, at this point I don’t believe that there would be any agreement on anything with them. I have already initiated a dispute payment through my Credit Union for the overcharged amount of $ 1260. We feel that we should justifiably be reimbursed for the damages on our household goods. A preliminary appraisal showed damages amounting to $7647. Although, we have yet to inspect everything including our precious china. My goal is to resolve this matter through BBB. And if this fails then look into other course of actions.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-11-04:
Seems to me you had no written contract, just an agreement over the phone. All you have signed is a credit card authorization. I'm sorry to say but the BBB or even the courts can't help you. Without anything in writing they can charge as much as they want. You might be able to sue for damage to your goods. But you will need positive proof that there was no damage before being loaded on the truck. I wish you well.
Posted by S. on 2008-11-04:
Don't know how often you've moved but your first clue should have been the quote of '$480.00 that included everything delivered to our new location.' Are you sure that wasn't just the mileage charge? Moving a 2BR apartment surely costs more than that. I'm afraid I have to agree with PassingBy. Without a written and accepted estimate, I don't think there's much you can do. Hope you can salvage at least a bit of your belongings.
Posted by O-mar on 2008-12-24:
My experience with ABC Moving was exceptional. The moving crew were professional, very respectful, and even great with the kids! I highly recommend ABC Moving to anyone for any kind of move (my move was local move). The crew and my experience with ABC is that what is normally a stressful process was very easy and affordable! Lastly, not a single scratch on anything. Job well done!

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