Crestwood Dodge of Garden City Michigan Complaint - Nondisclosure of information

Review by Sticks on 2008-11-07
GARDEN CITY, MICHIGAN -- I always wanted a Dodge Ram truck, so when my lease was near it's end with my Ford F150 I went to Crestwood Dodge and sat with the sales person and we worked out a deal. I was told of all my cost with this lease except one. The day came when I turned in my F150 down the street at North brothers Ford and I walked a couple blocks to Crestwood. When I was going through and signing all the paperwork a stipulation came up that I was not told about before that if at the end of my Chrysler lease if I don't go with another Chrysler product I will owe a one time fee of over $400.00. I asked the salesperson why was I not told about this last week, He forgot. I feel this is extortion. I had no vehicle, I had to sign the agreement.

I will never deal with Crestwood or Chrysler again. Sorry I gave up my Ford F150. Crestwood I hope you have to close your business and let all your crooked salespeople go.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-11-07:
You'd better take another look at the lease papers because Chrysler got out of the leasing business on August 1.
Posted by madconsumer on 2008-11-07:
i was not allowed to re-lease my new vehicle, i was made to purchase it. i had been a long term leasor.
Posted by Aerocave on 2008-11-07:
What you are referring to is a disposal fee that is part of most lease agreements. I agree that this should have been disclosed to you...but, I think you are blowing this way out of proportion. Extortion? Come on...Give me a break! I hate to use cliches...but you are making a "mountain of out of mowhill"...besides, you don't have to sign the papers--walk away if you do not like the terms.
Posted by Starlord on 2008-11-08:
I still have never figured out why people lease vehicles. I never would. It gives the dealer the opportunity to sell the vehicle, basically, twice. First off, you pay the same for a three year lease as you would pay if you bought the vehicle outright. Then you have to baby it to maintain the value, you can't have equipment mounted, etc. Then at thte end of three years, you have to give it back to them, and all you have is a pile of lease payment receipts. They turn around and sell the vehicle as a lease return for almost what they would have sold it for when it was new. People who lease vehicles are suckers. It is just like having a condo that costs as much as a house, but is nothing more than a glorified apartment.
Posted by BobJohn on 2008-11-10:
You did not "have to sign the agreement", you could have just said "No thanks". It was up to you to decide if it was worth the extra $400 but it should have been stated upfront.
Posted by Aerocave on 2008-11-11:
Note to Starlord: You are certainly entitled to your opinions...but you really don't understand leasing based off of your comments.

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