Schaumburg Kia Complaint - Watch You Back - Fraud & Forgery

Review by tonythemongoose on 2008-11-08
SCHAUMBURG, ILLINOIS -- To whom it may concern:

We've all heard this before, all dealerships are crooks and don't think for a second that they won't try to screw you over, well Schaumburg Kia is that very dealership. Let me start from the beginning on June 04,2008 I called a salesman at Schaumburg Kia named Christopher about a 2007 Ford Mustang Convertible and I stated if it was ok I would like to hold off running a credit check on me that day. Myself and Christopher talked at least three or four times about this matter via cell, when Christopher stated come on in Mr. Sottile we don't have to run a credit check on you today, but we will need too Mr. Sottile you do understand that ? My response was yes.

So I went to the dealership and looked at the Mustang, we then all came to an agreement. A bank was contacted and I was given an interest rate, a monthly payment, monthly terms and conditions and a final payout pertaining to my loan. I was then brought into Brian the finance manager office were I signed a retail installment agreement, an odometer disclosure statement, an after market warranty, a vehicle purchase order, and a state title and plate purchase document. I also signed a Spot delivery agreement, why? A spot delivery agreement gives a dealership a legal out pertaining to the contractual agreements signed by them and the consumer. Why did I sign the spot delivery agreement? I wasn't having my credit run that day. What was the terms and conditions of my spot delivery agreement? Five days. Please remember this; I was given the original signed spot delivery agreement by myself and Brian in finance at Schaumburg Kia, and who gave me the original spot delivery agreement? Brian the finance manager at Schaumburg Kia.

We can all agree I purchased this vehicle legally? Correct. Brian the finance manager at Schaumburg Kia stated, Mr. Sottile if you don't here from us in five days then just look for your monthly billing statement by the end of June2008.

Well the five days came and went, then ten days came and then fifteen days came and went. On June 19, 2008 I was left a voicemail on my cell that was anything less than understandable. From what I could understand it sated we can't loan you. I immediately e-mailed Schaumburg Kia back due to the fact I was out of town and stated, what are you talking about this should have already been done, why? My original spot delivery agreement stated you only had five days to null and void the terms and conditions of our signed contractual agreements.

Well to finalize this, there attorney Debra Ashen sent me a legal pleading and guess what Schaumburg Kia had a spot delivery agreement in their legal pleading that stated what? I had a no day contingency. Now remember I have the original signed spot delivery agreement. As I looked at my original and Schaumburg Kia's exhibit b, I realized my signatures were identical, yet Brian's initial were different. No one signs his or her name the same way twice or his or her initials. There maybe similarities but there never the same. Can I prove everything I'm saying? Yes. Anyone who doesn't believe me, I will leave my e-mail address and feel free to contact me and I will be more than willing to fax anyone over my original and Schaumburg Kia and Ms. Debra Ashen’s exhibit B, and you are the judge! Enter Schaumburg Kia at your own risk.

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Posted by skier1965 on 2009-01-06:
Dear sir,

I want to thank you for your honest and tough approach regarding this matter. As consumers we continue to get taken advantage by the very car manufacturers we're bailing out. As American consumers have we've become that complacent or dumb. I will never purchase a Kia or Hyundai thanks to this posted story, I thank you for your honesty and being tough enough to stand up and be heard. I play the stockmarket and Kia U.S. lost close to fourty percent of their sales in the month of December of 2008. Kia U.S. Could it be Kia's unethical and criminal behavior that costs not only Kia but their stock holders a large profit? I've also read that their is a boycott of Schaumburg Kia and their subsidiaries, Willow Brook Ford/Kia, not to mention the Kia corporation that has reached over one million consumers. Wow....Wow!

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