ILikeFreeLaptop.com Complaint - Did All Specifications Other Than My Computer Get Blacked Out?

Review by jib on 2008-11-08
On ilikefreelaptop I went through a 2 hour process to order product, as specified. Paying various ship/handling costs. My computer went blank. So I did all that was necessary to get free Dell computer with no results, unless I start process over. This is not fair to a consumer like me that was assured of a free Dell laptop if I jump through their loops. This is the only way I know of to get some sort of justice.
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Posted by Principissa on 2008-11-08:
Sorry, but I think you've been scammed. I would call your credit card company right away and start the process for a charge back. Most of those links you see offering free merchandise are almost always a scam.
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2008-11-08:
This sounds like something too good to be true. Nobody is going to give a computer away for real. I remember reading about a company, I think it was called "One Laptop Per Child", which was giving away a Linux-equipped laptop to a needy child if you paid, I think $100, for one for yourself. Closest thing to a cheap laptop would be the little Asus EEE for $300 at Best Buy...a tiny Linux laptop, but it does the job well as far as surfing the web and e-mail. Wal-Mart had the Acer Aspire One, with Windows XP, for $349. Also, check the Black Friday sales if you want a cheap laptop. If you gave credit card info at that website, you may want to ask your financial institution to put a fraud alert on it, in case there are unauthorized charges from far away. And beware of ANY spam e-mail that promises something for nothing-Nobody is in business to give ANYTHING away for nothing.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-11-08:
I hope you read their terms and privacy policy before you gave them any information. You agreed to let them sell any personal information you provided. If you accepted any of their 'sponsored' offers you'd better be prepared for a shock with your next credit or debit statement. Some of the sponsors will hit you with fees of up to $16 a month. It may be very difficult to stop the charges. GenuineNerd mentioned fraudulent charges, but they won't be because you authorized them. That's how they get away with it. I've never seen anyone report actually get the 'gift'.
Posted by MRM on 2008-11-08:
I have bought a ASUS Eee laptop for $379 and it is a good laptop. It weighs only 3lbs, has SD card slot, wi-fi, and it has 160gb of storage. I like it alot that I bought two of them.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-01-06:
Note that there is also another end of the contract that "ILikeFreeLaptop.com" has to uphold too. It says on the page where you give your personal information "ILikeFreeLaptops.com is solely responsible for all Gift fulfillment. In order to receive your gift you must: (1) Meet the eligibility requirements (2) complete the rewards bonus survey (3) complete the number of sponsor offers in the redemption instructions (4) Follow redemption instructions." If the person is hooked by an offer of free laptop and they do all that is required to get the free laptop, including face various charges from various subscriptions, then they are entitled to the laptop.

Otherwise it is bait-and-switch and fraud and the person can sue for the value of a laptop because at this point, they are entitled to the laptop which they are posting as valued at $2,199.

Also, their terms and conditions states that the laws of Canada apply, even more suspicious.

Another suspicious thing is that they are using an identity protection service for their domain name registration, instead of a company listing. You should call the protection service they are using at (425)274-0657 and find more information about who owns the domain name so you can potentially sue and prosecute them.

If they refuse to provide this information then they are serving as an accessory to fraud and they can be sued.

Good luck.
Posted by QbnMusica on 2009-01-10:
I agree with Principissa, contact your bank and credit card company at ONCE! The good thing about purchasing things online or off with Visa, Mastercard, etc., is that consumers ARE protected.

I had booked two First Class tickets to Hawaii on ATA Airlines....and they went bankrupt a few months thereafter. Thank goodness I purchased them with my bankcard, eventhough it was my ATM/Mastercard logo, I was protected under the terms of their fraud or negligence of providing services or goods. I was refunded immediately, but it saddened me to hear many purchased with cash and no other airlines were offering to honor those passengers.

I heard about "I like free laptops" on the radio, thought nothing suspicious was going on til I read this post. I will also add that in 1999, I received a completely FREE Compaq desktop (freepc.com), it arrived at my home as they said it would, but it was all part of advertising and marketing pilot program. I had to agree to browse the "fixed" flashing icons on my desktop. I had to agree to 20 hours of browsing per year, after the 2 years was up they walked me thru the phone on how to remove the icons and be marketing free. That computer survived til about 2005, six years!

Although it was a great and FREE computer system, it was not totally free as I had to agree to view and browse their sites. No purchase necessary, it was a great deal!

Good luck to you and contact your bank immediately and place a claim asap!

Happy New Year everybody!

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