JMet Construction Complaint - good roof....horrible cleanup and demolition pratices

Review by Anonymous on 2004-01-06
MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- Fo those that may be considering a new roof in the near future please read on before you sign with your contractor.

JMet construction operates out of West Allis wisconsin as a siding, roofing and general contracting company. They have excelent prices for what they do but do not be fooled. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! I had my roof done by JMet construction in late December of 2003. Which by the way was 3 weeks late from original projected start date. Here is my list...

1.) Contractor never called me about start dates, why he was late, and what was being done what day durring the job...I always had to call him.

2.) Full tear off of the roof was done on my rental property with out a dupster on premisis the first day. Shingles, metal flashing, vents and tons of nails surrouned my house for a full day until a dumpster arrived. I even had to move shingles to get into my own unit! BIG LIABILITY ISSUE!

3.) When de-roofing the house no precausions were made to protect anything on the house. I have gouges and tar marks all over my siding, two broken lights, scratches on my windows and chipped concrete from the chiminey bricks landing on my patio.

4.) Clean up was only done with rakes. Many nails were left behind on the grass, sidewalk, parking areas and the street. One of my tennants had to replace her tires on her car because of nails that not cleaned up in the street.

All in all JMet Construction has no respect for your own property, much less any of your neighbors. This company is extremely unprofessional and very sloppy in their clean up. I would highly recommend going some where else for your roof.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2004-01-06:
hmmm...are any of these words allowed in my comment?
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-01-06:
I'll try one more time: comment: You're a contractor's nightmare. So what if the dumpster was delivered 1 day late? That's not uncommon at all. Did you want them to delay the start until the dumpster arrived? If so, you should have told them. You're lucky they not only removed the debris, but also RAKED. Most contractors will have a "gopher", whose job is to keep the area clean. usually, the gopher will physically walk around the house, leaning over to look for nails, then pick them up and discard them. No raking required. You said they charged you a very low price for the Job; was "removal of construction debris" in the contract? If not, get up off your fat buttocks and pick the nails up yourself. Or better yet, eat another doughnut, and give the kid next door a couple of bucks to pick them up. Your neighbor's an idi0t for driving over an area that was obviously strewn with construction debris. Or maybe he/she is smart and just needed a new set of tires. Go take a look at some contruction sites, then compare the clean-up job. Idi0t.
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-01-13:
Seems laurachitchat has no idea what's involved in the contracting world, else she never would have said what she did. I AM a contractor, and what the so-called "contractor" did to her was very very unprofessional. No "professional" contractor would have done it that way, but the trouble is that anyone can print up business cards and call themselves a contractor. My problem is, I care about my customers, they are my best source of advertising. I haven't advertised in over 5 years, no need to. My referrals give me more work than I can handle. I keep my crew busy all year by respecting a customers property and making sure they are happy with the job by walking around with them before we leave and make sure everything is to their satisfaction. You said that his lady must be the customer from hell? I bet your attitude would different if they did that danmage to your house, if you even have one...

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