Deerfileds Bakery Complaint - Unhappy With Baby Shower Cake

Review by unhappycustomertoo on 2008-11-16
SCHAUMBURG, ILLINOIS -- I ordered a custom baby shower cake using a design that I brought. It wasn't a complicated design and was to be one tier. I was assured they could do it to match the picture. When I picked up the cake the design was was off but I thought maybe my guests wouldn't notice. Well they did. It was that far off (the baby's face, the teddy bear, etc was out of proportion and/or poorly done). I was told they couldn't figure out if the baby's eyes were open or closed. They had my phone # and could have called me to verify what I wanted. When the cake was served I was appalled by the amount of frosting used (one inch by my tape measure) and the fudge filling was 3/4 inch and I had two fillings. No one ate it and I saw my expensive cake thrown in the garbage. When I told the customer service mgr, I was told they thought the cake was beautiful and felt there was nothing wrong. They would not address the frosting issue or that the cake was inedible. There was no resolution ever offered. The owner told me I could have brought the cake back for a full refund.

Most of the cake was cut and served-not much to bring back. All I got was defensive replies and it was obvious they were not interested in customer satisfaction. I have gotten many cakes from them over the years but I will not be back again.
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Posted by Principissa on 2008-11-16:
If you weren't satisfied with the cake when you saw it, why didn't you address it right then? I realize it was for a shower, but to be honest with you, if I ordered and paid good money for a cake and it wasn't up to standard, I would have left without it. I would rather serve generic cake that says congratulations than a cake that I felt was ugly.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-11-16:
you're just going to cut it up and eat it anyway....like principissa said,you should have addressed it on pick up.
Posted by Nohandle on 2008-11-16:
You picked up the cake, was dissatisfied with the picture but took it anyway thinking your guests wouldn't notice and they felt compelled to comment? Your guests should have kept their comments to themselves but to each his own. As far as the cake being inedible, that's an entirely different issue. If you cut and served it and not much was left to return the bakery might have felt you were returning the leftovers expecting a full refund when there was nothing wrong with the cake.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2008-11-16:
My husband would have been in heaven with an inch of frosting on the cake! I don't get why if you weren't happy with the look of the cake, why you paid for it and took it with you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-11-16:
I had something similar happen and raised my issues about it right then and there, politely, of course. They knew they were wrong, a manager had taken the order, not the people who make the cakes, and they had another one ready for me within an hour, free of charge. It would have totally been on me if I had taken the cake with pink roses, not red, out of the store.
Posted by S. on 2008-11-16:
First you say no one ate it and then you say there 'was not much to bring back.' So which is it? I'm with sherdy, if you didn't like the looks of the cake, why did you take it?
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-11-16:
I noticed that contradiction, too, but this person is crabbing about something that essentially they should taking responsibility for, so I didn't get into the semantics, LOL.

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