Huntington Chevrolet Compliment - Huntington Station N.Y.

Review by will only buy american on 2008-11-17
HUNTINGTON STATION, NEW YORK -- After being treated like it would be an honor to purchase a Nissan, Toyota or Honda I decided to go to my local Chevrolet dealer, and I have never been treated with such respect in a retail establishment in my life. Every person that I came in contact with from my salesperson to the guy that cleaned my car were wonderful. I looked at some of the complaints on this site and I noticed that most of them are from customers that had bad experiences at non-domestic dealers.

Well Huntington Chevrolet does our country proud.... Thank you guys
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Posted by Starlord on 2008-11-18:
Have you read the number of complaints by people aobut the treatment they received at the Big Three dealerships? Not to mention that most foreign-labelled cars are now manufactured in the US for sale here. Now, the Big Three want a twenty-five BILLION dollar handout, crying about how bad business is right now. Heck, they are part of the reason business is in the toilet right now. To a great extent, look to the UAW for why things are like they are. I was raised poor in a large Midwest city that had Ford, Chevrolet, Caterpillar, and other large UAW hiring, and every time they went on strike, the stores and such raised their prices to match the higher wages the auto workers got, while us regular people got bupkis. When I was 16, I wanted a tape recorder for Christmas. Mom found a little Globe reel to reel recorder she could afford, and my uncle went ballistic (surprise, a strong UAW man)about taking food out of American workers' mouths. Mom shot back that the one American branded recorder she found was over $300, and if you took the cover off, everything inside was made in Japan. Buy American? I am glad you can afford it, SSDI is not that generous.
Posted by Aerocave on 2008-11-19:
Starlord: Your malicious rant has completely missed the point of this post. Although I agree with you regarding the UAW, People like myself and those that the op is recognizing have nothing to do with the UAW--but will be some of the most affected people if something is not done to help out our domestic manufacturers. If you desire to spread your bad feelings about a reel-reel tape recorder bought 30 or more years ago, find a blog somewhere. Too many people keep bringing up things in the past in regards to our Automaker's problems--and I agree they created a lot of the problems of today--but stop living in the past. Its just like I have said for years about the quality of GM products...It HAS improved drastically--yet too many people continue to compare the Hondas and Toyotas of today to their 85 Grand AM or 88 Chevy Celebrity. Its not even on the same playing field.

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