Quincy Auto Service (Manager) Complaint - Safety Concerns & Bad Service

Review by MEKOSUKA on 2008-11-18
QUINCY, MASSACHUSETTS -- When going in for an oil change, fluid assessment and tire rotation I was told by the OWNER who is also a mechanic that I should ALWAYS put my best tires on the front of my car. If I actually drove a FRONT WHEEL drive vehicle I can see why some might think this. However, I drive a RWD vehicle and after I specifically told the owner this I was then told once again "You ALWAYS put your best tires on the front of any car for steering". This is flat out incorrect and is a very SERIOUS safety concern for anyone who has this business rotate their tires. I told the owner to rotate diagonally as one should and did not take his advice. However, what led me to finally file a complaint is the following ...

The same oil change performed on this day was not performed entirely correct either. Approximately 1 month after the oil change when I was checking the oil in my car, I found the oil cap was missing. It was either never put back on never screwed on tightly (hard to believe the latter). While this may sound minor, just imagine for a moment puddles in the road, sand, dirt ...all the nasty stuff which can get into an engine compartment while driving around.

Seriously, this mechanic should not be in business!
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2008-11-18:
You are absolutely right on mounting the two best tires on the rear axle - though it would seem like you want the better tires on the steering axle. Here is AAA's take on it:


If he's putting the better tires on the front, that's actually a hazard for his customers and he needs to be corrected.

The oil cap is a simple mistake. There isn't much danger of "stuff" getting into your engine during the short period of time it was off - after all, how much water, mud, dust, etc have you ever found ON your oil cap?

Posted by MEKOSUKA on 2008-11-18:
Hi Hugh,

I appreciate the response. With regard to the oil cap issue, I live in the North East so depending on the season, sand and salt commonly find their way into the engine compartment, not to mention that even leaves during the fall can find their way in there. While I agree about a gallon of water just finding its way in, there is certainly a particle issue with regularly messy roads in the New England area.
Posted by Starlord on 2008-11-19:
I once had my oil cap come off and rattled around on the engine for a couple of days. Nothing got into the engine, it couldn't have, because the oil spewed out of the filler hole and coated the engine to a fare thee well. I was sent to tire school when I worked for Monkey Ward back in the mid-60's, and we were taught to ALWAYS put the better tires on the rear. I disagreed, and they showed me why, because if you have a rear blowout, you cannot usually control the car. With a front blow-out, you can still steer, not so with a rear.
Posted by macsprat on 2010-07-08:
I recently went to this mechanic and he did not put on my hub cap after working on the control arm, he said he would replace it but its 10 yrs old and he can't find one so he just hangs up on me when I call or flag me off when I stop by - Worse manager/owner whatever he is, is rude! When I asked his name he said "it is of no concern of mine." I hope people do research before going to him, wish I had!

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