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Review by puf on 2008-11-23
OKLAHOMA -- I am very frustrated and feel this company has taken advantage of my daughter. She has worked for them faithfully, on-call constantly with no set schedule because they call and change it from day to day, moved from in store photo and up to DCS, and now basically does it all, even covers for other stores when short on last minute call, which district mgr seems to always do... and that is about it bosses others. She gets several dollars less an hour than others with same title, and the position is worth much more anywhere with any company, she does more than her share, use and tears up her own car, uses her own gas without correct reimbursement- can't seem to get correct info about that or any human resource employee benefits books, cannot get her online password or any info from her immediate mgrs. I do not believe they are giving her the company policy books, human resource information, etc., because they are abusing her good, hard, honest work. Not to mention I have to pay the cell phone bill when they call constantly and I do not feel I am responsible for that at all? From what was told she cannot get life insurance until 21?

Well I can say one thing to CVS if she ever gets hurt on the job driving and you have no insurance on her there will be problems...I would appreciate a response as to who to contact in human resources and get some sort of this information and correct preferably...

Thank you. P.
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-11-23:
Is your daughter an on-call, part time employee? How old is she? Why is she not posting?
Posted by madconsumer on 2008-11-23:
um, she can find another job, issue solved!

if you suspect a real labor issue, contact the local labor board.
Posted by woodsk1 on 2008-11-23:
If your daughter is working, why are you paying the cell bill? Let your daughter grow up and handle this herself.. She can always quit...
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-11-23:
You can find info on CVS @ this web address:

Posted by Anonymous on 2008-11-23:
Maybe the daughter doesnt see it as a problem? Maybe the daughter likes her job? We wont know because the mom is the one that has the issue with CVS.

puf, as hard as it may seem you should mind your own business. If your daughter is over the age of 18, offer her advice and your opinion on how you feel she is being taken advantage of (one time only) then butt out and let her make her own decisions. If she is under 18 then it is your right as a parent to tell her she will not work at CVS anymore.
Posted by Nohandle on 2008-11-23:
Is your daughter, who is receiving several dollars less an hour than others with the same title, comparing her gross or net paycheck with the others? As far as insurance, should your daughter be injured on the job even if she was fully covered under their health insurance plan, the Workman's Compensation insurance required by law would pay.. not the health insurance. How long has she worked for CVS?
Posted by ejack053824 on 2008-11-23:
Tell her to see an USAF recruiter. I have a job for her.
Posted by D. on 2008-11-23:
Companies are supposed to provide people with the employee handbook upon hiring, and the new hire is supposed to sign papers which state that they were given, read and understand the handbook. If she needs one, she can ask another employee to borrow theirs or contact the corp. office for a copy. There must be more to the reason she can't get insurance. I don't know if they feel that the parents should have insurance coverage until their kids are 21 or what...but she really needs to ask questions and get some answers. It sounds to me like they are taking advantage of her. I know this is easier said than done, but she really should look into working with another company or store where she is paid her worth.
Good luck to her.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-11-23:
reading over this again..heck, she sounds like a great find.
ejack, if you won't hire her, I will.
Posted by D. on 2008-11-23:
DOWN BOYS! DOWN!...She's not even 21 yet!

Sorry Puf, you'll have to excuse the guys on here. I've been mopping up their drool for four years now!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-11-23:
LOL DB, you haven't had to clean up my drool, yet. :)

DB, you are correct; the daughter needs to ask questions to make sure she is not being taken advantage of. My concern is that puf may be a little over protective. I think the advice and guidance of a parent is a good thing. If the child is an adult and wont listen then they will have to learn from making a mistake.
Posted by D. on 2008-11-23:
Not yet John...I probaby will when I post my next Community topic...which will be in just a few minutes ;)
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-11-23:
LOL I can't wait!!
Posted by JasonJD on 2008-12-05:
This is how CVS does business, they want you to go everywhere and do everything, but unless your a DM, you get little pay, no or little car reimbersement, no cell-phone reimbersement (though they expect to be always able to contact you.)

Posted by Silence on 2008-12-19:
I've been working for CVS just over two years now. I started Dec. 9th, 2006.

One of my main problems with CVS is that they don't acknowledge the lower people in their company, the cashiers and such. They also don't properly punish those that do wrong.

When I first started, I was paid $6 hourly. After one year I went up to $6.21...roughly 7 months later the state of Oklahoma raised minimum wage to $6.55. I was nearing 2 years as an employee and I was at minimum wage! Not only that, the raise to minimum wage was 13 cents higher than my yearly raise. I began looking for a new job because I found it highly insulting that I had proven to be a good worker and anyone who was just starting out was making equal or higher pay (I know that happens in places, BUT as just a cashier...it really struck a nerve). In the end I accepted a position at Subway that was going to start me out at $6.75 then move me up to $7.25 after 6 weeks of training. When I came back after my first week of leaving CVS I found they had given me the raise my manager had put into the computer. I wouldn't have turned in my two weeks if I had known they would give me the raise but when my manager had called about it they had basically said "No, she's not going to get the raise, let her quit and find someone new."

I had been there for nearly two years and that's what they say?! My cash drawers had never shown up short, I was 5 minutes early for every shift, I stayed an extra hour late, I had worked 13 hr shifts to cover people when they decided to play hooky, I knew how to run the photo lab, fix the photo lab, and do any number of tasks including helping in the pharmacy.

It basically took me saying I was going to quit (and actually quitting) for them to come through with something closer to what I deserved.

For your daughter, I suggest she start filling out applications for another job. CVS doesn't pay for loyalty, in fact, they could really care less about it. Have her go talk to her boss or someone who can actually make the changes happen, state your case, give them about a week or so, then turn in two weeks and quit if nothing can be done.

If they don't value you enough even after proving you're a good employee, then it isn't worth the stress and time...and if she CAN find something better and get the position, then I say by all means to accept it and move on.

in my case, I went back to CVS...they gave me the money had requested...but it took me being a bully to get it.

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