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Review by kiamona on 2008-11-24
SKOKIE, IL 60077, ILLINOIS -- Ever been treated with disrespect by Star Nissan Service Department?
Please excuse my grammar, I am mad.

1. Got there at 9:00 am in the morning on November 24, 2008 gave M my information and immediately he stated your warranty just expired in September 2008.

2. I stated that I would like my car diagnosed because my car was running cold. I mention that it maybe a transmission problem.

3. M stated “okay we will take a look at it” I asked if someone could take me home and he said sure. M told the porter to take me home in my car. I stated, “My car” wow my car is broken. Red flag

4. I called the dealer ship at 11:00 am asking if they located the problem and M said no.

5. I called at 12:45 asking if they located the problem, I was told no by another gentleman.

6. Shortly after M called stating that I had over $1100 in damages. I asked him to give me a quote for three of the important damages and he said $780, I said go ahead and fix my car. I then call Toyota asking about my warranty. Toyota said yes you still have a warranty. I called M back and told him to stop the work (within 10 minutes), and he said okay, I also mention again that I have a warranty. He stated again, No your warranty has expired. I told him to call Toyota warranty department to verify the warranty. He did and he found that my warranty had not expired.

7. After M talked to Toyota he called and stated that Toyota warranty only covered the air condition unit. I told him that I will give him a call back in 10 minutes; I wanted to dispute the claim with the warranty department.

8. I called the warranty department and my brother, warranty would not cover the total damages and my brother told me to go and get my car.

9. I call M and told him that I was coming to get my car to take it back to Toyota. M asked my why and I told him that Toyota misrepresented my warranty. M then stated well we all ready started on your car, and I stated why, I told him not to start on my car.

10. I called the police and they told me that it was a civil matter and they were not going to get involved, after playing and joking around with M.

11. I then asked for a service manager who eventually told me that I was a liar. I need some legal advice or help. I can be reached at kiamona@hotmail.com

12. When I picked up my car Nissan had performed all services on my car including the air conditioning repair, something I never agreed to. They tricked me out of $755.00 in one day. They would not release my car unless I paid for the services that I never agreed to pay for.
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-11-24:
what in the h does this have to do with discrimination?
"immediately he stated your warranty just expired in September 2008"
"I said go ahead and fix my car"
They did what you told them to with the knowledge that they were under the impression that the warranty had expired.
YOUR mistake.
Posted by madconsumer on 2008-11-24:
i too see no discrimination here. i also agree you had given them permission to work on the vehicle. i suspect from the time you called to say stop work, and the time it started may have been a mis-communication.

or it could be their way of making sure they got some work, and that would be bad.
Posted by David on 2008-11-24:
you seem like a pretty impatient person. You call every two hrs to see if they found the problem. Then you get upset that they fixed the problem. Whats the red flag about driving home in your car? At least the guy could see the problem. Your someone who needs a mechanic you can trust. Dropping a car at a dealer and asking them to check things out is always asking for a bill, so they did what you wanted. You should compliment them on their fast service. Read the posting from the Chev guy who was upset that his car sat for one week before they looked at it.
Posted by TGT101 on 2008-11-24:
I especially like the part where you called the police for them fixing your car.
Posted by S. on 2008-11-24:
What's your brother got to do with your car?
Posted by F. on 2008-11-24:
Why did you go to Nissan if you had a Toyota?
Posted by David on 2008-11-25:
this is all so confusing
Posted by Davenport on 2008-11-25:
Was there actually a point when you told him not to work on the car? You told him to wait for ten minutes while you called to verify the warranty, but did you explicitly say to him "Do not do anything until I've called you back"? If so, it's not clear in your letter.
Posted by B. on 2008-11-25:
755$ sounds pretty reasonable, I think they were more than fair considering all the hassale you gave them. Mabye you shouldn't drive or own a car.
Posted by DigitalCommando on 2008-11-25:
Check your local laws to see if a written signature is required before performing work may be started. If you did not sign anything, and your state requires it, you may not be liable.
Posted by bill on 2008-11-25:
I doubt Toyota misrepresented thier warranty. The warranty is spelled out in writing when you bought the car. It is very specific about what is covered and what is not. You didn't mention all the problems with the car but not everything is covered in a a warranty. Things like braks shoes, tires, and batteries are never covered in a warranty. I don't understand why you called them every 2 hours to see if they had fixed your car. I also don't understand why you called the police. You seem like a very unreasonable person. I agree with Bargold. I don't think you should own a car.

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