Liquidation Sales Informative - GMA hidden camera exposes liquidation sales

Review by 32031 on 2008-11-25
We've discussed before how the so-called liquidators handle store closings. Good Morning America sent in hidden cameras at Linens & Things and closing Circuit City stores to expose the the price shenanigans
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-11-25:
With this in mind, if you go to a liquidation sale do not yell at the sales people or cashiers about the prices. They had nothing to do with the decisions made to put the prices back up to the MSRP...the liquidator did. I was in one of the Linens N' Things stores and the employees were being bashed by customers. It was a horrible sight to see and I cannot believe the way that supposed responsible adults behave. They had a mob mentality going. One customer was pissed off, they started shouting and the others followed suit. It was awful. The employees of Linens n' Things had to stay on and work for the liquidator in order to receive their severance package and to be eligible for unemployment benefits. If you dont like a price, walk out of the store. Problem solved. If you want to discuss it further, contact the liquidator as they made the decision, not the lower level employees.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-11-25:
Well said, John!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-11-25:
PB, great link. Now, if only I could get my folks to watch this kind of stuff...
Posted by RJ on 2008-11-25:
i never EVER go to these sales anymore. My wife and I used to but we noticed the same thing...prices aren't that good AND they bring in extra 'junk' to sell. Nice to see 'big media' expose it. Wish it was Chris Hansen that reported it though :)
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-11-25:
JohnInSoCal: The employees do not have to stay on. Some liquidators have outright lied with promises of a bonus or a nice raise in pay for staying on. Too many times the employee bonus has been, "Well, you did still have a job so consider yourself lucky to get paid." When asked about the pay raise they've been told "What pay raise?" Another bad point is if the employees had some sort of benefits like health insurance it's now gone. The liquidators are not the original store owners, they've bought out the inventory and are leasing the brand name.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-11-25:
PassingBy, I respectfully disagree. I have an acquaintance that works as a manager for Linens n Things. A condition of receiving severance was that they stayed until the physical store location that they are working in has been closed. My understanding is that all of this is decided by the bankruptcy judge who is handling the case who has to approve how Linens n Things distributes the payments to vendors, employee compensation and so on. My original comment had nothing to do with promises of pay raises or bonuses.
Posted by TGT101 on 2008-11-25:
I never trust the news anymore. It is always one-sided. I wouldn't put it past them to have more information about this that was not shared.
Posted by Starlord on 2008-11-25:
When they closed down the stand-alone Osco's drug in Casda Grande, none of the people were kept on for the event, as they had all moved across the street, as CVS had purchased that Osco's and hired anyone who wished to come aboard. The liquidator had it's own people ringing the sales. As stated, the prices were not that great.

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