Expedia Complaint - Escaping a dirty Room

Review by Roxie86 on 2008-11-26
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Oh My Goodness! After my last trip I will most likely never book with Expedia again and will advise my friends not to!

We originally booked to stay at Planet Hollywood resort and casino in Las Vegas. Upon arrival at the hotel my husband suggested an upgrade to a larger room. I did so with the front desk during check in. I was excited because as I understood it, Planet Hollywood was recently decorated as it was the Aladdin before. I was expecting a fresh, clean and modern room. When we walked in to the room my stomach sank from the disappointment I felt.

At a glance, the room smelt stale and was hastily decorated. As I walked around and looked further, I saw greasy hand prints on the walls, unclean surfaces and filthy windows. I was not comfortable staying in this room and felt stupid for paying and extra 500 USD for it. I would like to add here that I understand that is is totally not Expedia's fault; you have no control over the condition of the room! I called down to the front desk and asked if I could have my original room back. They said I would need to find somewhere to store my luggage.

My husband had already unpacked some things so I decided just to stay in the room for the one night (ew!!!) and change in the morning. I asked if I could switch hotels and the front desk said it would be fine with them and they would not charge any fees to Expedia and I could therefore do so if Expedia allows it. The next day I was up and ready to escape that room! I called down to the front desk and they told me that the room I originally booked was sold out and I more or less had to stay where I was. I asked if I could get out completely and they said it would be fine- just call Expedia. I did.

They lady was very helpful and moved my reservation and explained charges to me. Perfect! I asked her about out friend's room and she said he would have to call to change his. Since we were moving, they needed to move too. I single handily dragged all the luggage downstairs checked my husband and I out and asked about my friend’s room. The front desk again said they would waive early check out fees so Expedia should be fine with changing our reservation.

This is where things got silly.

Eric and I called Expedia from a payphone in the hotel lobby to change their reservation like ours. We reached a lady who was not helpful and rude. She sounded Canadian, where the call center agent who had helped me sounded Middle Eastern or Indian. She said the system was down and couldn't help me. She started to explain our situation and like magic her computer came back. Our situation was described and how we only wanted to move to another hotel. The lady would put us on hold and always come back with he same answer "All reservations are final sale". It was very frustrating so she asked her why some people can move reservations (like ours!) but others can't. She came back with "That is not the right procedure. How could we believe you that the hotel is waiving fees? We need to talk to them directly. That person you dealt with before acted incorrectly and will be spoken to". Will be spoken too? I thought she did a fantastic job but now I've gotten her into trouble???

At this point I took the phone and was persistent in trying to figure out why she isn't allowing us to change hotels. I see down bellow.."Activities and services cannot be refunded or changed once purchased." activities! What about our gross hotel? We have to stay their indefinably? Ew! I think the lady got frustrated with my persistence so she said the hotel has to fax a form to Expedia stating no charges will be applied. She rattled off the fax number. I asked her to wait a moment so I could grab a pen and write it down. I took it to the front desk and they looked confused. They said Planet Hollywood never faxes such forms to Expedia. They were confused what the problem was so they went ahead and only charged Expedia for the one night out of three and gave me a print out to prove it. He checked out not knowing if he'd lost his money for the next two nights. Once we got to our new hotel, the MGM Signature, I felt so relived. So clean and wonderful! We took Eric’s luggage up with us and I called Expedia again. I rattled off my problem to the nice helpful Middle Eastern man and he was very helpful. He talked to his supervisor and Eric's reservation was moved. Just like that..

Where as we stood in the hotel lobby for and hour arguing with the Canadian sounding lady.

All and all this wasted about half a day. I was very stressed out from all this!!! I was not pleased with Expedia. I did not want a refund. I just wanted to be in a clean hotel. I did not stomp my feet and ask for a refund and free hotel and a free trip to Cuba. Nope, just wanted to be in a clean hotel. If I hadn't been so persistent we would have had to stayed at Planet Hollywood and I would have been very unhappy. Why did I have to fight so much with that lady? If I had just booked with the hotel it would have been so easy. I am pretty sure that is what I will do next time. what would happen if we booked something that turned out to be gross in Mexico! stuck in a gross Mexican hotel? I won't take that chance with Expedia and will warn EVERYONE not to either.

And I also feel guilty for getting a nice lady in trouble - the first lady who really helped me getting a "talking to" makes me feel bad!!!

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