TWC - Time Warner Cable Complaint - Someone Used My Info To Get Cable

Review by mistyblue on 2008-12-03
KILLEEN, TEXAS -- I moved to Texas about 2 years ago, so I went and register for service for time warner everything went good until I went out of town and my friend hadn't paid her share of the bill and it got disconnected. So I called Time warner so I can get reconnected she said the bill was 155.00 so I paid the bill by using my social security. we had no problem until she asked for my address then she said it was 269.00. So I ask her what did I paid the 155.00 for she said for a previous bill about 5 or 6 years ago. I told her I want in Texas how can I have this bill. She refuses to give me my money back. I'm just wondering do they check for ID cards or some type of Identification. This company sucks and I'm still stuck with a 269.00 bill because I refuse to pay because I want answer in Why would they have my info and there;s no way in hell I was in Texas. They said I have to have a address proof on my whereabouts, which is hard for me 6 years ago I been living with my month and I really didn't get that much mail and the property was sold.

So right known I'm just out of 155.00. Thats ok because I get better service with Satellite and better deal. I'm still holding on to their equipments until I get some answers or my money back.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-03:
"Thats ok because I get better service with Satellite and better deal."

I couldn't agree more

Posted by Davenport on 2008-12-03:
Is it just me or is everyone using the word "month" instead of "mother"?
Posted by cherpep on 2008-12-03:
I've noticed that too. I wonder if it's an error in some spell check.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-03:
If you need spell check to spell mother then the spell checker is the least of your problems. You're probably due for some serious couch time to deal with your mommy issues.
Posted by madconsumer on 2008-12-03:
m3cents blocks the word "mother", it is to close to mother f*****.

if you do not have any documents, old bills, paychecks, or anything of the like, a 35$ background check will prove your residence for the last 20 years. all credit reporting agencies as well show addresses for the last several years.

be hold their equipment hostage, they can and will charge that against you as well. one day it will all be reported to the credit agencies.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-03:
How was it possible to pay with a Social Security number? Would not a credit card be better?
Posted by D on 2008-12-03:
Passing by... I think he meant a social security check, not a SS number...
Posted by madconsumer on 2008-12-03:
or could it be they pulled up the account by the ss number? if so, they would pull up all accounts under that number. even if in a different state. such as comcast operates multi state.

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