Lynnton Marketing Complaint - given the wrong information

Review by on 2001-05-09
i was sopoed to start Voulartary work at Aston Villa on 23/4/2001. I had spocken to a man called Keith the week before to he told me that Aston Villa was cancelled untill 23/04/2001 he also addressed that he was going to send me a letters to confirm he also stated that he means business and during my time with Lynnton Marketing he would stand for any unauirsed absences and that i have to attend job search once a weak and basically he was telling the rules getting me very excided for the following Monday.

monday 23 Aprill 2001 7.45am i woke up checked the mail there was no letter from LYNNTON MARKETING. i got a bit worried so i called my jobcentre at 8.45am the jobcentre was open yet there was not no one there to access the computor any i left a message asking my adviser (STEVE)to invesigate ASAP.
Time was ticking i sopposed to to at Aston Villa at 9.30am i left my house at 9.05am at Aston Villa is down the road. It was a lovely day and i walked down the road very proud and happy. i was getting nervous at the time was 9.20am and my adviser had not got in contact with me , i was just about to open the door when my mobile phone rangit was my adviser saying hes afriad the its been cancelled. My heart stop mt eyes filled up with water and i just freezed. i asked my adviser for a contact number for Keith(LYNNTON MARKETING)because someone has to hear how im feeling and i felt that it was really nothing to do with steve(adviser)as me and him never really spocke about it.
I phoned Lynnton marketing a woman answer the phone told me keith was not in she said he was on annual leave and she did not know when he was coming back.she asked if she could help as she hear in my voice that i was not very happy. I explained to her she said someone will get back to me and untill this very day 09/05/01 i havent heared from Lynnton Marketing.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

i want to make sure this does not happen to any one in the future. and i would like some form of compansation.

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident.

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