Frank Fletcher Chevrolet Complaint - Anything for a sale

Review by jeepin4wh on 2004-01-13
SPRINGDALE, ARKANSAS -- I am writing this letter explaining our experience with Frank Fletcher Chevrolet in Springdale, Arkansas. We recently purchased a 2004 Impala from Frank Fletcher; our sales person’s name was Diane Snelson. During the initial conversation I mentioned that I saw the commercial for the 2003 and 2004 cars with sales tax paid. After picking out a car and driving it for 2 days we decided on purchasing the car. Diane at this time informed me that they would not pay the sales tax on this particular vehicle, I explained to her our financial situation and told her that we were in no way able to come up with the sales tax until end of February, beginning of March. She at this time said not to worry about it that she would see what she could do about it. She later called me and said that GMAC would not finance it but she would postdate the title so that we would not have to worry about it until March 1st. She assured me that it would be OK to wait till March to pay the sales tax.
While we were signing the papers for our new vehicle I mentioned to the Financial Manager the agreement Diane and I had about the sales tax, he seamed confused and was not sure what Diane was going to do about the taxes. I immediately brought this to Diane’s attention and her response was not to worry about it, she said that she did not inform him of our agreement because he did not need to know about it and that she would take care of it personally. The beginning of January I received a call from my insurance agent and she needed a copy of the bill of sale, at that point I realized that we never received any papers what so ever from Frank Fletcher. I made a call to my salesperson (Diane Snelson) and found out that she no longer worked there. I do not recall the name of the man I spoke with but I told him of the agreement between Diane and myself and he basically said that it was illegal to post date any papers and that there was nothing that they would do about this.
If I had known that the car we picked out did not qualify for the sales tax paid as advertised on TV and that the sales tax was due in the 30 days we would not have purchased the car at this time.
I am a long time fan of Chevy cars and have owned them almost exclusively for the past 19 years. I am not in any way dissatisfied with the 2004 Impala; I very much enjoy it and feel that this is car fits my needs well. My regret is that I purchased it from Frank Fletcher Chevrolet. I have never in my life had a complaint with the purchase of a new vehicle. In general my experience with salespeople and the process of buying a new vehicle have been very exciting and positive experiences. I feel that I was flat out lied to only to make a sale. Diane knew that we were not in the financial situation to pay these taxes at this time. I was totally honest with our financial situation and disclosed personal information to her about our credit. In return, her knowing our situation, she fabricated a loophole to secure our sale.
When we went back to dealership to explain what happened, they would not do anything to compensate the fact that their salesperson was dishonest and convinced us to buy a vehicle with false information. I am aware of the statement “Buyer beware” but I guess I was naive to trust our hometown Chevy Dealer. I understand that the salesperson’s job is to convince people to buy a car, but I thought that the dealer was responsible for the claims and promises made by their salespeople. I am also aware when purchasing vehicles the buyer should take caution in signing agreements, but not having personal experience in car sales I relied on the professional experience of our sales person. Again being naive, I thought by being at what was supposed to be a reputable establishment, my salesperson would know that the postdating of a title was illegal and further more would not lie about such a matter just to get a sale.
I realize that many consumers suffer from “buyer remorse” after making large purchases but please understand this is NOT a case of buyers remorse, we love our new car. Our complaint is that Frank Fletchers salesperson gave use false information (or as I like to say, lied to us) only to complete a sale. Not only did Diane Snelson lie to us but the Financial Manager was also aware of this stipulation and also did not inform us that they could not post date the title at the time of sale. However, when the problems began to surface later, suddenly he had a lot to say about how illegal that was and that there was no way around the 30 day grace period for sales tax. We feel, what he should have done at the time, Being the Financial Manager, he should have been forthcoming about the fact that this promise was not feasible.
I am truly appalled that Frank Fletcher feels no obligation to an oral agreement their sales person made to us. The sales manager told us, “just because one of our sales persons orally promises something, the dealership is in no way obligated to provide said promise.” Also equally appalled that Frank Fletcher feels absolutely no responsibility for the dishonesty and lack of integrity that their employees represented at a Chevrolet Dealership.
I hope that by Frank Fletcher getting the extra sale for the month of December and not sacrificing any January profit to make this right, was worth loosing the trust of a long time Chevy buyer. As well as loosing the future business of everyone who’s opinion we can effect by all means at our disposal. Ordinarily we are not the type of people to make small problems into big ones, but we were under the assumption that by taking our business to a reputable new car dealer we could avoid all the lies and deceit of smaller lots. Obviously this is not the case with Frank Fletcher Chevrolet in Springdale AR, but we plan to educate as many as we can to the nature of their business practices.

Jonathan and Jodi Erbe
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Posted by Anonymous on 2004-01-13:
Sounds like the Impala wasn't the only thing that took you for a ride. Gee, I wonder why Dianne isn't working for them anymore?
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-01-13:
As soon as I read the word POSTDATE, red flags blurred my vision. You're either stupid, ignorant, or both.
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-01-13:
ignore laura she has raging PMS. I think she has a festering butt lesion too.

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