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Review by tim55 on 2008-12-09
I signed up for internet service with Hughes Net and right from the beginning there was a problem. They say that it's 300.00 dollars but they charged me more than 500.00 dollars. I was told that I bought the equipment, a detail they left out when I was applying for the service.

After that the service was always going down and then it went out. They told me there satellite went down,after that my service never worked rite again.They told me that my system went bad and that I had to have a service representive come and fix the receiver. Oh by the way that cost $125.00 dollars the repair man came after a week and said everything was fine and left,after trying to log on I called Hughes again and they sent the repair man out again.He replaced all of my equipment and waited around to see if it worked.It did for a while and then started screwing up again,the repairman said it was a problem at Hughes and told me to call them and he left.I called Hughes and they said I had a bad modem and they would send me a new one.After two or three days I called and asked where the modem was and was told it was on it's way.After a week I still had not received the modem and I got the hint it wasn't comming I called and got another run around speal so I quit trying to use the system. It has been since the end of July since the system worked.Now Hughes has turned My account over to NCO Financial Services to collect $300.00 dollars earley termination fees.
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Posted by DumdHead on 2008-12-10:
Been using it fot two years with few problems. It slows way down durring peak. We had a choice to pay for the equipment all at once or over time it was cheaper to do it upfront. Our only issue was when our dish was destroyed in a storm. It took 15 months and hours on the phone to get it worked out, they wanted to charge a disconect fee when all we did was buy new equipment. But to be honest with the new construction phoe and cable line are now only fifteen miles from my house and comming this way very slowly. They are going to open a new subdivison soon then civilization will only be ten miles away. They say when the next terminal is five mile away they will wire the whole block for free.
Posted by Bearwoman on 2009-01-01:
I had hughes net satellite internet service since November of 07. Recently I went to change service to Quest where my rates will be $30. a month cheaper with NO Fair Access Policy. When I originally signed up for Hughes net I was NOT given a contract I was not told I was signing for x amount of months or there would be a termination fee. I was never given a copy of ANY contract stating those things. It wasn't till after I had the service that I found out the hard way that there was a Fair Access Policy. The e mail I had with them turned out to be 99% spam. I tried numerous times to get them to work on it with me and never got any satisfaction, and every time they upgraded (laugh) their email system. the spam would double. Finally fed up and finding I could lower my rate and have the price guaranteed for life with a life commitment I chose to switch. Before switching I called Hughes net and was told there was NO PROBLEM in canceling the account just call back that day to make sure they disconnect it. So I sign with Quest get all the equipment hooked up and guess what when I called Hughes net to say go ahead shut it off. they say oh wait a minute you have a $300. termination fee. I went off. That was on the 17th of December. I have been sent to 4 different places now trying to get some answers I have been given so many different stories my head is spinning. Still I do not have the issue resolved. I would NOT wish their service on my WORST enemy. If you are looking for high speed internet do NOT look to them. IF you go over their Fair Access Policy it is slower than dial up for 24 hrs. The whole experience with them sucked. I went through Nationwide Satellite when I signed up for the account. They will NOT do anything to help me resolve this situation. So buyer beware these people will rip you off in a heart beat.

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