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Review by 79435 on 2008-12-11
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- My husband and my family have seen Dr. Fields, a Van Nuys dentist, for the last 25 years. I happened to look at some of the reviews he was given and it saddens me to see the comments that were made. He has been practicing dentistry in Van Nuys for the last 38 years.... my husband and I first started seeing him and my grown children have him as their dentists as well as my grandchildren will. He is a kind and gentle man with a heart of gold. He has always been the consummate professional and has become part of our extended family. His staff has changed over the years and one person does not reflect the professionality of the dentist but a poor choice to be in the front office. I am sorry some people's experience was not good, but in the last 25 years, nothing like this has ever happened to anyone of our family members or friends that we have referred to his practice.

Please take the time to not judge a dentist by a bad day with a staff member... come into this office and see for yourself!
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Posted by yoke on 2008-12-11:
His employees are most patients first contact. If they are rude then the doctor needs to get rid of them. I stopped going to a doctor due to a rude office staff person. I let the doctor know why I was leaving. A few months later I got a letter from the doctor letting me know the person was no longer there. I went back to the doctor. Seems I was not the only person who had a talk with the doctor.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-11:
Quite right, yoke! Often, people requesting records and x-rays when they are unhappy with their first doctor are (putting it mildly) 'less than pleasant' with the doctor and staff...especially if they are in pain. "Professionalism" does not mean "robotic"...and a truly surly patient can provoke the most angelic of office staffers.
Posted by Principissa on 2008-12-11:
yoke I did the same thing with my old doctor. One of the girls at the desk was just so rude and short with patients that I couldn't even stand going into the office anymore. I told the doctor that I was finding a new provider and that I was sorry that one bad apple is spoiling things, but I was seconds from slapping the girl. Sucking her teeth and treating the patients like they were bothering her by making her do her job. She actually caught an attitude with me because the first appointment she had wasn't a good day for me so she actually had to work to find an appointment to fit my schedule.

New doctor is great. Wish I could go back to my old one, but sadly she's still there.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-13:
I live about 10 minutes from Dr. Fields office. The comments regarding your obvious friendship with Dr. Fields have nothing to do with him or his practice. Granted, I do believe the staff is important. In the few times I was at Dr. Fields, the last time being about a year ago. I found his staff to be okay. My room mate went to him for a period of time and she found him to be harsh, not at all gentle, and not the least bitsensitive to her pain. What bothered her the most was when she'd tell him she was in pain during a procedure, he'd blow it off and tell her she wasn't in pain. She didn't have dental insurance and always paid cash. Better than using her credit card and paying interest. Anyway, my room mate moved and when I was forced to see a dentist because of a toothache, I did see Dr. Fields. When I scheduled the appointment, I told the receptionist I'd pay cash. I was in great pain and in obvious need of relief. I was nervous because of all my room mate went through, but the pain was horrible and the only dentist that would take measap . He did make fun of my lack of dental upkeep. I didn't and still do not have dental insurance and that's because I cannot afford it. Sometimes I can hardly make rent and work full time. Dr. Fields was painful, not caring to my situation. He was easily distracted by the many people who work in the back. I do not think a dentist should carry a cell on them while drilling on a patient. That too was a distraction. An older, blonde woman kept coming in and out, walking by, or he would get up and leave often and take 5, sometimes 10 minutes to return. All this time, I could hear them in the hallway discussing if they could sell me a dental plan. I waited for the Dr. to finish up with my cavity and wanted to get out of there. The blonde woman did push the insurance on me while I was in pain, and that made me so mad. She gave me attitude, looked at me like I was weird, and kept looking at the Dr. and nurse and then would look at me. Very badexperience. I did go through friends who have a dentist in Calabasas that I go to. Yes, it's quite a ways from Studio City, but worth it. I told him my experience with Dr. Fields and he was professional and did not bash Dr. Fields. But... I did need a root canal. I used my savings and that's okay. It was for a rainy day. The only reason I even responded to this was my old room mate told me about it. I couldn't believe how this woman who is an obvious friend of the Dr. gave him a rave review. Blondie dancer, I'd love to know your name and the last time the Dr. did work on your teeth or a family members. My name is Danielle. I'd love to hear what you have to say. My old room mate and I couldn't and don't believe your story. Our experience was that bad. There are many people who don't see dentists for years out of sheer of no money. I'm a college grad, paying off loans, working full time and have no one to depend on. I'm almost 30 years old and he made me feel like a child while I was in his dental chair. Like I said, my name is DanielleSalzman. What is your name? Are you a relative? Would love to hear. Danielle Salzman.
Posted by beryl on 2008-12-27:
Dr fields is the best dentist i have ever been to gentle kind,understanding,caring, i have had extensive dental work by dr fields he is the best. i have sent many people to dr fields all have thanked me, everyone has told me how great he is, office staff is caring, treats everyone like family/
Posted by ceejay2005 on 2009-02-13:
Positive Signs
Good dentists take a personal interest in patients and their health. They are prevention-oriented but not faddists. They use x-ray films and probably suggest a full-mouth study unless suitable films are available from the patient's previous dentist. If a dentist tells you to have a tooth removed, that is the wrong dentist.

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