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Penn Credit Corporation Complaint - Dirtbags - Screwed Up Collection Agency

Review by HatePennCredit on 2008-12-12
HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- Listed as one of the worst collection agencies who is currently being sued, I had to send them a Cease & Desist letter. If you receive automated phone calls from them, justified or not, please look up the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Using it as a guideline, send them a cease letter and report them to the PA Attorney General. Websites are easy to find.
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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2008-12-12:
Fair Credit Reporting Act is not what governs collections.
It's Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)
Posted by antwackie on 2010-05-17:
My daughter borrowed my car for six months, and aquired 17 parking citations totaling $193 for Down Town Athens Parking. I had no knowledge of these citations until a police officer knocked on my door one morning. The officer asked me why I had not paid the tickets, and I told her that they were my daughters tickets, but because the car was registered to me I would immediately take care of all the citations that very day before lunch. I drove all the way downtown, and paid the tickets in person in cash. End of story...Not quite...Three months after I paid the tickets Penn Credit Corp started calling and sending letters to me stating that I still owed $193. They harrassed me day and night (calls came right up to 9 pm on a daily basis with collectors shouting at me and talking over my explanations) At the first call from them I immediately called down town Athens court house, and their clerk informed me that all the tickets Penn Credit were trying to collect on had BEEN PAID IN FULL. I requested that they send Penn Credit a fax with the information that all tickets had been paid, and the clerk stated she would. Two weeks go by, and again I start receiving calls (up to ten a day) and another letter from Penn Credit asking me to pay for the same tickets. I again called down town Athens parking and they once again faxed Penn Credit requesting them to close my collections account as the tickets were all paid. It didn't do any good...To this date I am still trying to get Penn Credit off my back regarding these same tickets. They seem to have no regard for the work I have done to prove that the tickets have been satisfied, or the fact that their own client is clearly stating that I have paid in full. Therefore I have decided to sue them and Down Town Athens Parking for their total ineptness and disregard for the consumer credit laws of this land.
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-05-17:
The FDCPA covers consumer debt. Fees and fines are NOT covered under FDCPA. Penn credit collects on debts owed to the commonwealth, such as fees, fines and a variety of taxes. They are not held to the FDCPA when collecting these debts, although will genrally follow it.

(Note, if they collect on other debt, such as medical bills, they ARE held to FDCPA)

Posted by Chelsea Portillo on 2014-01-21:
I have been receiving calls until 9:00 pm and have been harassing me and yelling at me telling me if I do not pay them my account will raise they say I owe $1,100.69 I finally decided to call the IRS and they say I DO NOT OWE ANYTHING and 1 hour later they are calling me harassing and yelling at me saying I still owe money after the IRS said I DO NOT OWE anything and they say that it is still pending

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