Cocker Rescue of Ft. Lauderdale Complaint - Our Cocker Spaniel Adoption Application Got Rejected, Why!!

Review by Roberto1268 on 2008-12-15
FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- We filled out an application to adopt a cocker spaniel in Fort Lauderdale, South Florida. After 10 days, we got a call from a woman asking us for last pet's doctor, in which we provided. Then, they called us asking about our living conditions and if we have children visiting our home often and if we have a fence. So, we were about to invite them over to see how we live. We called over 4 times, they never returned my calls. Then we found a denial email letting us know that they can't help us. Why did they deny our application?

That made out lovely daughter sad and crying for hours. I have always noticed that pet adoptions process is not easy, but this one by far the most difficult. Good Luck with this place.
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Posted by Principissa on 2008-12-15:
I know a lot of places will not adopt to families with small children. My dad and step-mom adopted from a boston terrier rescue and in the contract it states that they will not adopt to families with children under the age of 10. Is it possible you missed that when filling out the paperwork?

I'm sorry you couldn't adopt your dog. Have you tried your local animal shelter or pound? There are so many wonderful animals in shelters that would make great family pets. It wouldn't hurt to check it out! Our shelter in nowhere Kentucky had a purebred yorkshire terrier!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-15:
All that to adopt a dog? Geeezzz! I wonder if they did let you adopt a dog, if they would have made random visits to check on it's welfare.
I know Cocker Spaniels are pricey, but I wouldn't put up with too much of a background check just to get a dog.
I bought a German Shepherd from a breeder and he asked if I would send him pics of her after a year, and I did. He called me after he got the pics and asked if I was going to breed her, and I let him know that I had her fixed. Man, that dude was a little hot about that! I explained a few things to him, in a language that isn't printable here.
Posted by Suusan B. on 2008-12-15:
I looked at the adoption application for this group and it appears they are extremely selective in who they will "adopt" to (I believe their fee is $250 to $400 per dog). They ask a ton of questions and leave themselves open to "reject" anyone on a multitude of points. The fact that they didn't tell you why they wouldn't let you adopt a dog tells me that they aren't a group you want to deal with anyway. My suggestion would be to either buy a Cocker from a breader (which will cost you about the same) or, better yet, take your daughter to a local shelter and let her decide, with your help, who will be her new best friend.
Posted by SilverWngs71 on 2008-12-15:
Also, try to get an older animal. I know kids love puppies, however with puppies after the "sparkle and shine" of a new puppy there will be the responsibilities that come with it. Cleaning up accidents so on and so forth. With an older dog you may not have these issues. There are alot of wonderful dogs and cats at the animal shelters, waiting for a loving home.

Good Luck and Merry Christmas!!
Posted by Suusan B. on 2008-12-16:
Stear clear of these independent rescue groups. I adopted a kitten from one a couple of years ago and they insisted on delivering the kitten so they could see my home. When they did it turns out they brought me a different kitten than I had adopted - - instead of 4 months old it was 9 months old. Then it turned out the kitten had a serious health condition and when I confronted them they said that they had done nothing wrong and that I apparently was confused about which kitten I was adopting. The bottom line was that I sent them a registered letter demanding to know what happened and that if I didn't receive a satisfactory answer I would report them to the County and State and file a small claims action for the vet bills. They finally admitted that they got confused and adopted out the kitten I wanted to someone else and delivered a substitute figuring I wouldn't know the difference.

Go to a local shelter to adopt a dog - - they won't charge you nearly as much and are truly interested in placing dogs in responsible homes. Very few people get turned down and it is so satisfying to truly rescue an animal.
Posted by Starlord on 2008-12-16:
I must agree with SilverWings. Everybody wants to adopt puppies, and perfectly suitable older dogs, and cats, for that matter, get rejected. We adopted a Rottie/Boxer mix dog that M3C censored the perfectly proper name for a female dog, who turned out to be one of the greatest dogs we ever had. 125 lbs. of pure love, she might walk on your feet and lick you to death, but she just radiated love. We finally had to have her put down due to dysplasia. She would yelp with pain when she moved, and could not raise her hind feet to scratch. We could not stand to see her continue in that way. When we adopted her, she was one week from euthenasia, because no one else had shown any interest in her.
Posted by Roberto1268 on 2008-12-16:
Thanks to all of you
Posted by azspots on 2008-12-16:
We adopted a doberman from a rescue here in Arizona-he joined us one year ago today. He is a happy healthy furry "kid".
Check out the local shelters, also "Petfinders.com".
Posted by Arlene on 2008-12-16:
Might also try the pet section in www.craigslist.com
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-12-16:
My toni was @3 when we "rescued" him....best friend, companion and protector I've ever had. 'Course he is a 150lb lap dog!!!

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