Planet Hyundai Complaint - Made "Deal", Scammed Me Purposely And Didn't Follow Through With Deal - Said It Never Happened

Review by wally143 on 2008-12-16
PLANET HYUNDAI, WEST SAHARA, NEVADA -- I went in to Planet Hyundai to get a $100 referral check (which took ALOT of phone calls and months to get) after patiently waiting 2 hours for the fleet manager to "make time" to get the check ( he made the appt. so the check would be ready when I got there ! ) and endured countless number of harassments by 2 salesman to " just go and look to see what new car would better replace the old one" ( had a 2005 Santa Fe that was just fine)...so I did. Found a very nice 2008 Santa Fe that would suit my kids and I better but didn't want to pay more than what I was already paying and in my budget.

I made $16 an hour with $1000 rent payment and 3 kids so budgeting is a must. These two salesman AND the one of the general managers at that time all said if I put $1000 down, spread over the course of 5 months, don't be late with a payment during those 5 months and come in and they would lower my car payments to less than what I was currently paying. I asked for it in writing, which they all signed (after constantly insisting I wanted it in writing) they put the paper in my folder and also had it on a card from the dealership but not signed (the original deal work up) and I had to go to a doctor appt. and they knew it so they dragged it on forever and finally said, sign here, here, and here and initial here, here and here and we will finish filling it out and you can pick it up when your green card comes in.

After 5 months, and I lived up to my end of the deal, went in to the dealership and couldn't find the original deal with the signatures on it ( think they took it out of the folder while I was signing papers but we did have one) but still had the card.They also didn't tell me at the time of signing, that I was "upside down" on my 2005 Santa Fe and tacked that on to the car note.Did put down a extended warranty and GAP insurance to protect the car I was going to have for the next 10 yrs or so !!! Didn't matter because the card wasn't signed and all managers and etc. that I spoke to at Planet Hyundai, insulted me to no end and wouldn't work with me at all, stating "no salesman in their right mind would make such a deal" and I replied , "no single month of 3 on a limited budget, would agree to pay $729 a month for 6 yrs when I was only paying $462 to begin with"...now I can't make the payments, can't get any refinancing because I haven't made 6 months of payments on it(only the 5 intial)and am pretty much screwed. AND no one, including Hyudai Motor Financing company will tell me HOW they couldv'e financed this amount of money on what you just read. My girlfriend went to trade her Hyundai Accent in for a Hyundai Sonota and they called her back within a week , stating that she cannot afford such a car !!! Will have no car for kids and was laid off in Sept.(worked front desk at major strip hotel) so no car to seek work. Just sent the kids back with their dad in Upper Michigan because I now can't afford them here in Vegas. Had to move out of my apartment and am now renting a room,which is not working out( too many dog issues...she has a pit bull). Credit is ruined and may have to file for bankruptcy. Planet Hyundai is crooked and loves to scam.They flat out said that I signed the contract and too bad. I had also gotten 2 other cars from them with no problems so I "trusted" them...I feel like such a moron and if I don't find another job soon (even though I do get unemployment), I will have to file for bankruptcy and maybe move back to Upper Michigan...which I don't want to do. Can't afford to "live" here...Planet Hyundai preyed on a single white mom and purposely scammed me, telling me what I wanted to here...everyone, learn from MY misfortune and be careful of Planet Hyundai...
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-12-16:
I am sorry you have this problem. Pressure tactics are not uncommon as well as the "deal" changing. You have to be sure to have read, have copies, and UNDERSTAND all paperwork you sign. Unfortunately, that happens to people all the time. That being said, $1000.00 rent and a $729.00 car note = @60-70% of your salary before taxes based on a 40hr 4wk month and that is total irresponsible on your part. Car Salesman are kinda like drugs...JUST SAY NO..hard lesson learned.
Voting this post very helpful for someone going to purchase just about anything.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-16:
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-16:
$729 a month??? Good googly moogly! You can get an Escalade for that much money. If not too nosy, how much did you finance? I can almost assure you that if you go to a credit union to refinance, they can get that down some.

Just for an example, I ran figures for a $40,000 auto loan at 6% for 6 years, and STILL got way lower than your payment:

Date Quoted: Dec 16, 2008
Product: NEW AUTO
Interest Method: [1] 365/365 Payments P&I

Note Date: Dec 16, 2008
Maturity Date: Nov 30, 2014

Principal Advance: $40,000.00

Amount Financed: $40,000.00
Finance Charge: $7,606.35
APR: 6.0000%

Total Principal: $40,000.00
Total Dividends: $7,606.35
Total of Payments: $47,606.35

Payment Schedule

Description Date Frequency Number Amount
Regular Payment Dec 31, 2008 Monthly 71 $661.20
Regular Payment Nov 30, 2014 Monthly 1 $661.15

I hope that all pasted in OK, I guess I won't know until I post it. At any rate, something is smelly about that whole deal.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-16:
One more thing: I am so blown away by that payment amount, I am trying to figure out what the finance deal was. Assuming an interest rate of 6%, which is high for a new auto, you'd have to finance $44,100 for 6 years to get a payment of $729. Isn't that like TWO Santa Fe's? (OK, one and a half)
Posted by madconsumer on 2008-12-16:
this does sound like htye played you. unfortunately, since you do not have the original paper with signatures, you are at a loss.

if you are 1 payment away from re-finacing, could you make the one payment and re-finance?

well written review.

very helpful.
Posted by wally143 on 2008-12-16:
Was laid off right after I made the last of the 5 payments and had to wait 6 weeks for unemployment...cannot make that last payment and even if I did,the monthly payments would be around $520 a month...Had to move and rent a room. Sent kids back to live with dad in Upper Michigan because couldn't afford them here and they were starting to hang out with wrong crowds so in THEIR BEST INTERESTS, had to send them AWAY from Las Vegas...
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-12-16:
Good for you for looking after the kids.

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